Friday, November 10, 2017

Craft VS Art - Off the Wall Friday

So I did manage to break out of my creative funk this week.  How?? Craftsy's Amish Medallion  Block of the Month.  I bought the kit on  a whim earlier this year.  I mean, gosh it was a really cute quilt with its traditional roots and neon colors and I thought it looked fun.  Plus you can't beat the price $77 which included all the fabric, pattern AND online class for this 90" by 90" quilt.  But it sat in the box in the corner until I decided enough is enough, I feel like having fun.  For once I thought I would give up control, follow someone else's pattern and just enjoy the feel of the fabric in my hands.  AND I'm loving it.  The directions are clear, the online class gets you over any rough patches and its coming nice and pretty. 

 I love block of the month quilts because usually they offer a new skill each month and I've been wanting to tighten up my traditional quilt making skills anyways.  PLUS it will be a nice quilt to get on my frame for the long winter ahead.

Still it brought to mind the  debate of Craft VS Art.  I mean, really am I a crafting quilter or an artist whose medium is fabric. And really what is Craft?  What is Art?

  • structured, definite form
  • duplicatable  forms 
  • born from the mind and practical need 
  • uses distinct practiced skill sets
  • appeals to viewer on a practical level
Mary Stori's Perfect  Your Hand Quilting
  • Unstructured and open ended
  • No definite form,
  • Based in emotion and a need for expression
  • uses innate and learned skills
  • appeals to the viewer on an emotional level

Just by looking at the characteristics of both you can see where quilts and quilters find themselves in the grey world between the two.  Quilts are practical and structured.  They are also pieces that are born on emotions and can speak to the viewer on a very visceral level.
So I thought for a long while now I've been exploring the emotional artist side of my quilting.  I thought it time to get back to the very practical side and practice the craft of it.  One could debate this until the last stitch is set.  But honestly, I'm just thankful that I've found a passion for a creative form that has the best of both world - the Art and the Craft.

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The Inside Stori said...

Hummmmm....were you aware that the photo of quilting is mine? Published in an article I wrote for Threads Magazine - March 2001