Friday, November 17, 2017

5 Facts You Didn't know about Sewing With Nancy for Off the Wall Friday

Nancy Zieman, 1937-2017
This week we lost the host of Sewing with Nancy, Nancy Zieman to cancer.  Nancy was fundamental to my fascination with all things sewing since I started watching her show in high school and continued on to this day.  Even though at first I didn't sew, I loved watching Nancy with her easy going, peaceful approach to the craft.   Sew in honor to her, here are some interesting facts you might not have know about her.

Facts You Didn't Know About Sewing With Nancy Zieman
    1.  Sewing with Nancy first broadcasted in 1982 and was the longest running sewing television program of its kind (Over 800 episodes ).  The early episodes were filmed in her own home living room and broadcast on local cable tv.Nancy was much more than the Saturday morning sewing guru. 
2. She authored over 40 books (including an autobiography), designed notions for Clover Needlecraft Inc, designed a line of fabric and sewing patterns, authored an interactive blog, and founded Nancy's Notion catalog (which was always my go-to place to find the hard to find notions I wanted).
    3.  In 2001, she was the first elected member to the Sewing Hall of Fame (didn't know there was a Sewing Hall of Fame??  Me, either!!  
    4.  Nancy's face was partially paralyzed by Bell's Palsy which she developed due to an ear infection as a toddler.   She was always open about the condition and talked about it on her show. 
    5. Charity Projects were a heart felt passion with Nancy.  Not only did her and her husband Richard give quietly through the years, she also inspired others to give with her blog's page - Sew To Give where you can find several organizations to sew for.  Nancy often said, "The Gift is in the Giving". 


quiltedfabricart said...

She got me started on the sewing path. such an inspiration. There is an excellent interview with her on the while she naps podcast. I think it was in the spring but a search will find it. She talks about starting a business before the internet when it was mail order and starting Nancy’s notions, the Pbs show. I highly recommend listening. Thank you for the tribute. I believe she is flying with the angels on quilted fabric wings .

Nina Marie said...

You know I thought I had put a link to that exact interview in my blog sometime back. I know I listened to it once - but wouldn't mind listening again. I thought she was amazing and I always ordered from Nancy's Notions.

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks for the tribute and more information on Nancy Zieman. She had a profound impact on so many of us, all the while with her humble spirit of sharing.

JOY @ said...

I too will greatly miss Nancy, for I have followed her on PBS since she began her show. I still share things I learned from her back then and give her the credit. We were blessed to have her as a teacher.