Friday, February 21, 2020

A Walk Through History on Off the Wall Friday

The View from Blasco Library, Erie PA on Wednesday

Sometimes projects are straight forward.   Others....well they're not.  Of course,  I've landed myself into the later.  I normally like my projects orderly and organized.  Not this one .... nope, I've just begun and its gotten totally out of hand.

I spent my day off this week at our amazing Blasco Library.  I thought I would just stop quick and find a couple of cool headlines to go into my piece.  The next thing you know, I have a box of 35 mm film reels reading a the year of 1945 in the Erie Times.  It's so easy to get lost reading columns of stories that seem so familiar but yet so far removed from today's news.   It left me thinking how so many things have changed and so many things have stayed the same.

While reading the papers, so many ideas started flooding my mind.  It was really hard to keep focused on what I was there for.  All these pages could be cropped or resized .., scanned  and printed right there or saved to a thumb drive or emailed to yourself.  The plan is to further edit and manipulate them. idea.  Well actually I do have an idea.  In fact too many ideas.  Sigh, is this what they call a #firstworldproblem ??

I thought I would share some of the pages that I saved.

So What You Been Up to Creatively?

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Nina Marie said...

Sorry if you saw the giant baby...blogger went crazy!😁😉😁

dq said...

It sounds like you got hooked on history which is not hard to do! I love the news articles you discovered!

I am not sure what you mean by your "piece" or the details of your project with them. I guess I will have to continue to visit to find out.