Friday, February 14, 2020

Digital Fiber Art, A Review on Off the Wall Friday

You would think looking at my bookcases that I have enough art, quilt, surface design books.. Apparently not.  This week, I finally gave in to my wishlist and bought, Wen Redmond's Digital Fiber Art. I've been wanting it forever but hadn't had the right project where I really needed it.

Boy, so glad I did!  I've watched Wen's classes, seen her work and basically love the whole mix media vibe, but was too afraid to stick my toe in.  Reading through book, not only do you stick your toe in but she manages to throw you into the deep end!!

Most of my fiber art books contain about 75% things I already know  with 25%  new information I need to learn.  Not this one!  Even though I'm not a novice to the whole digital fabric thing there is a ton of concepts, techniques and inspirational pieces that really can get you started.  The thing I like the best is that Wen has managed to put all the odds and ends I've learned and organize them in a fashion where I can find them all in one place.  THEN she shows me how to put it all together!

  • Well written, in an easy understandable manner.  Not too much fluff
  • Techniques are organized in an effective way for easy future reference
  • TONS of great pictures illustrating the techniques and lending inspiration
  • Goes from the beginning of the process right down to the finishes
  • C&T Publishing.... so the book is of the highest quality - love the "feel" of it 
  • Not limited to just fabric....many materials are mentioned throughout
  • Not a book for beginners.  A good foundation of the tech world AND design fundamentals is helpful.
  • There is so much material it could be overwelming
  • There is no page of resources or links so you're left hunting down the many, many materials mentioned
  • The inspirational pictures all have one "mood".  More is More seems to be on every page
  • Techniques requires access to art supplies, online or downloaded software programs that won't be in the average person's sewing room
  • There isn't a lot of mixing  of the digital with the traditional.
So if you always wanted to know "How does she do that???"  buy the book.  Wen tells you in a easy understandable manner.  But be warned,  this isn't a book that you read and start making work that looks like the author makes.  She gives you the techniques, the inspiration to experiment on your own and come up with your own voice.

For me this was definitely worth the $$ and I can see myself having a lot of  fun with it!

On to .....Things I Like.....

Normally, I don't much care for the Facebook kind of games that seem to pop up in people's statuses.  But this one showed up in my friend's Joyce's this week and I found it funny and interesting.  It's easy enough you just tell me the latest book you've read and add WITH DINOSAURS after it,  I love to see what people are reading and always looking for suggestions.

I have two books going right now.  I'm rereading the whole Mary Russell series with Laurie R. King which I highly, highly suggest.  My favorite series by far!!  So I just finished Locked Rooms With Dinosaurs which is 8th in the series.

The other is a non fiction book that was inspired by Locked Rooms.  It's San Francisco is Burning With Dinosaurs ...the Untold Story of the  1906 Earthquake and Fires.

 PLEASE play along and let me know what you've been reading!!

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Marianne said...

J'aime le livre de Wen , j'ai déjà expérimenté beaucoup de choses! j'apprends tout les jours , cela m'a couté une imprimante :)mais je continue !Ce livre explique très bien et à regarder les videos sur sont site en lien pas mal non plus.
J'espère que vous aurez beaucoup de plaisir
Best regards of the Switzerland

QuiltGranma said...

Going Through The Notions with Dinosaurs