Friday, September 28, 2018

Off the Wall Friday

Well sadly I am only half way through my bookcase.  It was a way bigger job than I realized!!  Apparently I own a LOT of books.  I promise to post it when I'm done!

So What Are Up to Creatively?

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For the love of geese said...

At one time I had every book by Stephen King in hardback, except for one. My hardwood shelves began to sag and after I admitted to myself I would never read them again I sold the lot. I'm not much of a collector of anything and the struggle is real to keep it that way. But I do have a few applique book stuffed away. Your's is a huge task that I do not envy, on the other hand I do envy the fact that you have all those books. Thank you for the linky party. Denise@fortheloveofgeese