Friday, August 24, 2018

Writer's Block on Off the Wall Friday

Okay I admit it.....I have writer's block.   So let me let you in on the secret on how I write this blog.  I seem to go in spurts.  I'll come up with a ton of good ideas  I want to write about while throwing in some posts on my own personal work.  I might have a dry week with no good idea or a week I'm busy on the family front or a week that I'm sick (like last week!) but normally that only lasts a week.

Not this time.  Here it is  11 pm on a Thursday night and no big idea has hit me.  I really have thought about it on and off all week - honest!!  But work has been crazy as we gear into Fall (which is a good and bad thing - you gotta love job security but gosh, not  a moment for a creative thought!)

In my studio, I've just been working on finishing up a lot of the pieces I've started over the last couple of years.  So many bindings, edges, labeling that needs to be done.  I've been fall cleaning and trying to get things ready for a winter of sewing.  I've been feeling more creative so I know a new project is on the way!

My daughter has her next to last First Day of School this week.  Wow!!  We've done 18 of these so far starting when she was in the Early Learning Lab at the local university through to now, her junior year in college.  Because of this First Day ritual, it always represented new beginnings to me rather than nature heading into hibernation.

In other news, an upcoming class that I was suppose to to take at Marc Adam's School of mural design class with David Franklin where we would design and paint the halls of the new school's new building.  Apparently the class did not fill and I guess it was too much work for just David and me - grin!!  I'm all disappointed because not only was I finally going to see why my husband loves the school so much in person, but also I wanted to get some insights into designing on such a big scale and how that works!!  Franklin's work is Amazing.
Woodworking got cancelled.  Yes you read that right - I was taking a class at my husband's favorite woodworking school.  It was

Still that leaves me with a week off, no car, and a quiet house .....Does that have STUDIO TIME written all over it or what?????

So that's what is up with me! Hopefully this will not last long.  If anybody has any good ideas, I'm taking suggestions.!!  Please?????  Anybody????? grin!!

What Have You Been Up to Creatively?


Norma Schlager said...

I think you are being much too hard on yourself. I am always in awe of all that you do with a family, full time job, making art and doing this blog. I think we all have fallow time with our creativity. Relax, your spark will surely return.

FreeDragon said...

Well, thank you, but I'm unemployed. I make art my job. Nearly everything I make is with the intent to sell or to go into a show that will help promote me as an artist. I homeschool my children so I really can't leave the house for a regular job. But thank you for the comment, it did make me feel better :)

For the love of geese said...

Make some lavender bath bombs and enjoy the down time while you have it. Thank you for the linky party. Denise@fortheloveofgeese

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Nina-Marie, I suggest that you take some down time to read or do something else you like. Then do something to get inspired - listen to an art podcast or watch or read about art, go for a walk with you camera. Don't try too hard and finally, it that doesn't work but you really want to make something, just start throwing fabrics together and sew some improv pieces. It will come - and if it doesn't then it really is time for a break :-) Good luck.

Margaret said...

I'm with the others. Do something you don't have to think much about, but still enjoy: read a book; take long walks; finish what you're doing to reorg your studio space; do a repetitive craft such as knitting or crochet, or cutting (and/or piecing) fabric. Don't -- as Andree said -- try too hard, and don't over-think. This too shall pass!

Nina Marie said...

Thank you all for all the great ideas and encouragement!! I do think we are too hard on ourselves! It was really nice to put all the frustration I've been feeling in a post!!