Friday, August 31, 2018

More Quick Art Quilt Tips - Off the Wall Friday

Before I get to this week's tips, I want to thank you for all the encouragement last week.  I was feeling pretty low and empty and I appreciate you all listening!  This week things seem so much better.  I did take a good look at balance in my life and scheduled a bunch of time off between now and Christmas.  As you all probably know, when things look their lowest its probably because some part of  your life is out of balance.  So I thought with some time off to play domestic goddess and quiet time in my studio it would be just what the doctor ordered!!

Okay!!!  On to this month's Tips!!

Know Your Sewing Machine

Yes, I realize you know how to turn it on and off, but you really need to know way more than that.  You need to know how to clean it properly, how to take the bobbin compartment apart, what all the feet do and how to use them, what stitches you use most and their many variations.  You want to know your machine manual inside and out and how to wind a proper bobbin.  You want to know what thread your machine loves best and how to quickly change your feet.   Yes, all this and more.  Believe me it will make your life so much easier.  When something goes wrong with your machine, you'll know what to check first.

Start a Creative Journal

For years, I tried to start a journal of my work.  Several got started, several got abandoned.  Until, I started this blog.  For me it was much easier to type and edit photos than to write long hand with a pen.  It finally clicked and let me tell you, its been a life saver.  In your journal you can you have a running account of works in progress, but you can save experiments, future ideas, things you've learned, things you want to learn.  Pretty much a week doesn't go by when I don't refer back to this blog for something.  So start a journal - pick any form you want  - traditional journal, virtual journal, even a three ring binder with page protectors.  Whatever suits you!!

Stop Apologizing

That pretty much says it all ....STOP APOLOGIZING for your art.  Let's face it some stuff you make is so amazing you can't believe you made it.....So stuff you make your mother wouldn't even like...BUT its all YOURS.  Its all uniquely you and that's good enough.  So stop apologizing for the greatness, stop apologizing for the dogs, stop apologizing for the time it takes or the money it costs.  Just because the world today doesn't put a high priority on art  doesn't make it any less imperative to
our world.

Organize Your Thread 

Your life will be much easier if your thread is organized by type and in way you can easily find it. For me,  the easiest and cheapest was to use the slim thread boxes.  I have ones for rayon, ones for polysheen, ones for cotton.   I can't tell you how many times, I've had my classmates stop by table to admire my thread boxes.  They have a ton of thread too, but its the organization of it that catches their eye.  Plus when they are in boxes like that, its easily mobile.   I personally would love a cabinet with removable shelves for thread, but for now this works for me.

 So What Have You Been Up to Creatively?

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Lynda said...

Great tips!

I've also started lots of art journals/sketchbooks. I now have one that is right here by the computer. When I think of something I want to do or I've seen on Pinterest, or just popped in my mind, I pull it out. If I'm watching a video about something interesting I want to try, I'll pull it out and make notes. It's not fancy like a lot I've seen, but it serves my purpose.

Thanks for the linkups. I always enjoy seeing what others are doing. Also, glad you are feeling better. Yep, balance is so important.