Friday, December 1, 2017

10 MORE Gifts Quilters Want - Off the Wall Friday

Its time for my annual "What to Buy a Quilter for Christmas" List.  You can read the first two years of the lists Here and Here.  I even made a list of what to buy a Creative Kid (all tried and true on my own creative kid).  So here are this year's selections!!

10 More Gifts Quilters Want for Christmas

1. A Big Cutting Mat - Having a big self healing cutting mat makes a quilter's life so much easier.  You can buy a couple of 24" by 36" ones but they also sell bigger ones and even CUSTOM ones!   Getting a custom made one for my studio table is still on my wish list!

2.  Color Pencil Case - Every quilter ends up with several sets of color pencils.  Want to make her  
life easier?  Buy her a case to put them in.  They have them made of all different materials and all different sizes.  I bought mine at Dick Blick.  Its made out of just regular nylon with several pages and holds A  LOT of pencils.

3.  Tracing Paper - Did you know that tracing paper comes in all sorts of sizes and rollsYessssss it does!! Now its not the sexiest of gifts but  having an assortment of sizes at my disposal has made my life easier.  I can't believe how much a roll can hold.. . . its like the "Loaves and Fishes" of tracing paper!

4Quilter's Planner - Although I have never successfully been able to use a planner, I think they are a fabulous idea.  A planner that is themed for quilters is a Really fabulous idea.  Now if I could just get myself disciplined enough to actually use it!

5. Class - There are a ton of great classes out there for your favorite quilter in all different price brackets.  You can give a $15 class from Craftsy, a several week class at Academy of Quilting, private classes from your favorite local teacher or the mother of all gifts - a week at a quilt conference like Quilting by the Lake.  My mother has more than once given me classes for presents and I LOVED them.  The gift of knowledge is one gives a lifetime.

6.  Audible Gift Card - I'm not a huge fan of gift cards because they aren't the most personal gift, but let's face it, they are practical.  With an Audible gift card, a quilter can pick out  her favorite book and listen to it while she sews.  For that matter you could give an Echo Dot  for her to listen to it on.

7.  Thread boxes - I love my thread boxes.  They have made my life so much easier and they are so much fun to paw through. I have two sizes, the slimline boxes for my small skinny spools and  ArtBin thread  boxes for my regular and medium spools.   Ohhhhhhh, and what's better than giving a a thread box??  Filling it with her favorite thread.  

By nancysJLifestyle

 8.  Etsy Creative Gifts - I love Etsy because the artisans there make gifts that I as an artisan really want.  This year I have my eye on a ring that is made out of a needle - yes - A NEEDLE.    You can find all sorts of things quilt themed including THIS GIFT for the quilter who has everything including a wicked sense of humor (Tessa and I are still debating whether that was intentional or not!)

What's On Your Christmas List This Year? 

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quiltedfabricart said...

Omg! You had be laughing when I looked at that needle case! The maker is leaving it up to the buyers imagination I guess which tells you where our minds are. Lol!

All good gift ideas that should be emailed to all husbands or family members -thank you. I need that pencil case.