Friday, August 15, 2014

A Word About Letters. . . .Off The Wall Friday

Have you notice this on-going Love/Hate relationship I have with my masterclass with Elizabeth Barton?  I was struck with a bout of a it this week exploring our new topic, Letters.  Now, let me just say that out of all the topics we've explored over the year, this is my favorite. I've been wanting to do a Letters series forever.  I LOVE letters.  Combing my two passions of words and fabric together seems like a match made in heaven right?!

Sighhh. . .well, you'd think so.  But with such a passion for the topic, came a million ideas.  A lot of them were fueled by my pinterest board on typography.  Others were in folders of graphic ads I've collected over the years.  With so many ideas how was one to pick? Should I go graphic, conceptual, or just darn pretty. . . .

Out of desperation,  I chose this photo from my pinterest board as inspiration.  I then did the usual - traced it  - edit it - did value sketches.  They didn't seem quite right, but I am under a deadline so I handed them in. I wrote
Elizabeth that  I eventually wanted to do a series of these using words with a themed meaning.  This was just a starting point for some  monster pieces. 

So she thought that was a great idea.  Why didn't I do it with this piece?  Oh and Why is the light source so uneven throughout your value sketches?  Of course, the answer to that is that. . . .Wellll, I don't know how to draw 3d letters and what do you mean the light source needs to be constant.  I HATE that I know so little about art and it always adds to more work.

Luckily there is literally a video on youtube for  everything. After a long afternoon of work, I managed my own drawings.  Not only did I come up with a theme for the words (I won't spoil it - you'll have to guess it), but I learned how to use photoshop to do my value drawings AND got my printer to work with my laptop.  So I feel all accomplished.

That said, I missed the deadline for Quilts=Arts=Quilts.  Its just as well though, I want to spend a bit more time on The Curves perfecting the stitching.  I'm having a ball working on it but it does take a ton of time!!

So what have been up to creatively?


Kaja said...

I'm finding it so interesting following along your journey on this course. I don't know whether I wish I were doing it or whether the very idea terrifies me, but I can see how much you are learning and how it contributes to the work you are doing. Can't wait to see where this goes - I love letters too.

Christine Staver said...

I was not sure which sketches were yours this time. I guess you could have guessed which ones were mine!

Love 3D letters. I look forward to your blocked out quilt and what your message will be.

All of these lessons have been a challenge!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to contrast your enthusiasm for letters to my lack of it. When E suggested that everything in my Glacie... quilt become letters, I balked. I think I'll work on my July piece that I couldn't find the right color fabrics for in time to do in July.

I'm liking where you are going with yours.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I also hate that I know so little about art basics. I took one of Elizabeth's classes through Quilt University once and it was very apparent that I was lacking. I think it is just expected that we all have been lucky enough to have had the ability to choose our path early on. Unfortunately I have not been.

Your letters are wonderful. You are developing quite nicely!,

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Ah so that was you-I love what you did this month! I have a really hard time with this one; it is SO not my thing! I struggle with the basics all the time and wonder what those with a better art background think of my work.

Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

I love words and text, too. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this theme.