Friday, August 22, 2014

The Letters Continue - Off the Wall Friday

Well, I got a blocked out piece for the Letters challenge. . . sort of.  I mean, I tried.  I took my sketch and came up with the fabric version and it was . . . . lame.  The first sketch from the concrete letters seemed so powerful.  and big. . . monster big.   My version just seemed flat and too graphic rather than the 3d I wanted.  Elizabeth thought so too. 

The circles in the background are a lot more subtle in person.  That effect I really liked.  I'll have to use that again sometime - it adds just a ghost of interest without being too dramatic.  But the rest I just scrapped!!  I thought it was lame - Elizabeth did too - why finish it?

So I'm spending the rest of the month working out how to draw the letters the way I want to drawn them  - in the right perspective and orientation.

This whole experience reminds me that sometimes you're the windshield . . . . and sometimes you're the bug!

So what have you been up to creatively?


Shannon said...

Sorry this project wasn't working as well as you'd like! I do like the circles in the background as well.

I've been drawing and doodling lots of letters lately- typography is pretty interesting, but I haven't moved past my sketchbook. I've wondered about whether taking a lettering class would help me with some of the core things, but I don't think there's time for one more thing!

Jenny K. Lyon said...

I love your original sketch. I think that color doesn't add a lot to the design-its graphic nature is what is appealing. How about doing it in black and white and focusing on the values?

Having said that, I know I am discarding June's piece (I think it's June). It's off, I am not into it, EB basically said it needs a lot of work. I too am just fine with scrapping a piece and moving forward.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Ah, well, such is life. Although I really don't believe in scrapping anything--I would've more or less sewn it together then slice it up to play with. Mistakes, after all, are important.

best, nadia

Christine Staver said...

Hey you gave it a good try! Drawing 3 D letters is not that easy, but I think once you have it figured out this quilt will be great. My CO2 quilt was not perfect either. This lesson was a bit of a struggle for me as well.