Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring Cleaning. . . Off The Wall Friday

Why is it that things always look worse before they get better?  With QSDS in a week's time, I've taken a break from creating to clean out my studio while I pack.  With a master class, the supply list is pretty simple - just bring everything you need to create your work.  Okey-Dokey - No problem.

As I'm cleaning - I am doing a bunch of dyeing.  I got some really pretty colors from Dharma Trading  as a Christmas gift from my sister and my husband assures me that the roll of pfd that I asked for my birthday (Saturday) is on the way!

Still looking at my hand dyed stash (and this isn't all of it  - I assure you - just what I keep on hand in my studio) -it got me thinking - do I really need to dye up some new colors?  Well aduhOf course I do!  I did red solo dyeing (multiple colors) and 8-gradation dyeing (the warm colors)  this week and that will help a bit. But I am going to keep it up till I leave.  Its just so much easier to do it while you have everything out!

Ohhh and a word about Dharma Trading Co.  The last few times I've gotten my dyes at Pro-Chem because I live here in PA and they're in Massachusetts.  Their shipping is figured on weight and location so you'd think it would cheaper right?  No!  Dharma's shipping was half the cost. . . plus they had more colors available.  So that worked out nicely!

Anyways - nothing exciting here - just dyeing to clean I guess - grin!

So what have you been up to creatively?


Sylvia said...

Love your piles of hand dyes!

Vera Holmgren said...

I'm obsessed with dyeing and there is always a "What if" and the result might be another shade.
Interesting to read about Dharma, I've ordered both from them and from PRO.

Jenny K. Lyon said...

LOve Dharma-they're so good! You have a very good problem there with all your fabulous hand dyes!

Christine Staver said...

I have always ordered from pro chem, but I will have to try dharma the next time. Pro chem does charge a lot for shipping.

Norma Schlager said...

Your hand dyes are yummy and I agree that you can never have too much.

quiltedfabricart said...

I think your kitty loves your fabric as much as you do :-) what a stash! I am drooling ;-)

Linda M said...

Have a great birthday and a roll of pfd fabric is sure to make it good. A girl can never have too much hand dyed fabric.

Sharon Rotz said...

Your hand dyes are wonderful. Lucky you to have such beautiful fabrics to work with.