Friday, October 4, 2013

All Mojo-ed Up - Off the Wall Friday

Anybody who knows me, knows I really am not good at night.  I mean - really not good.  I am and will always be an extreme early bird.  That's why me being out  of the house 12 hours of the day has not been good for my creative life.  Luckily our fall rush is almost over at work and I should be getting back to just a 40 hr week with a few vacation days coming up.

That said, that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of my next challenge.  This week my sample of  Evolon Interfacing arrived from C&T Publishing.  Tristan Gallagher of C&T asked us to show him our "best creative mojo". Well, I don't know about you but now that I'm looking at 50, I can't even believe I just used the word Mojo in a complete sentence  - more less - tied it to my creative self.

Still, I did get his meaning.  He sent a few pages of examples that included mix media art pieces to jewelry to a very cool netted tote bag.  I mean, really, we can take this stuff and create whatever we want as long as we don't actually use it as it was meant to be - interfacing! 

Luckily I have a great idea which shouldn't be too hard to execute.  But first I still needed to find out how this suede like microfiber  material performed when I put it under the normal rigors of my studio. 

First I tested how it free motioned quilted using various threads.  The metro was a very light look while the Sulky 12 wt  free motioned nicely and gave that beefy look a 12 wt should.  The 40 wt quilting cottons of King Tut and Iris fell in the middle.  Interesting how the different threads  look so differently.

Then I tried painting it - I tested Dye na  flow  with the Evolon being damp. It gave this pretty water color effect.  I could use it full strength or watered down.  Then I tried transparent Setacolor on it at half water half paint strength and it was way too heavy.  It tended not to blend well and showed up rather opaque. 

With all my experimenting done all I have to do is execute my idea!  Tristan asked me to use my creative mojo.  I'm thinkin' be careful what you asked for! 

What have you been up to Creatively?


Regina B Dunn said...

Can't wait to see what you do with it.

quiltedfabricart said...

Very interesting , I've never heard of evelon interfacing. Is it any different than the garden variety you might find at joannes? Wonder if whatever you come up with could be used with other inter facings? Opens up a whole new world of possibilities :-)

Nina Marie said...

The thing about the interfacing is that its made of microfiber so its a thick a bit spongy feel - sorta like suede.

Amy @ Amy's FMQ Adventures said...

So reading your post and looking at the pics and i have a mental image in my mind of what you might do. Can't wait to see what you've done and how different it will be from my mental picture!

sonja said...

how fun to explore the possibilities of a new interfacing .I love that it paints and quilts well so I will watch for your art progress of ideas!