Friday, September 27, 2013

Stumped! Off the Wall Friday

Ya know, I'm beginning to think that my studio and I have this whole Love/Hate relationship going.  I mean, some days (like last Sunday)  I walk in with a head full of ideas and a steam engine full of  purpose and my studio gets right into the spirit of things and helps me create.  Then other days, it just stops me right in my tracks throwing up all sorts of obstacles that will derail me for the day.

Today was one of those days.  I started out with this great idea all planned in my head.  I wanted to make a small quilt that depicted a pretty sunset on Lake Erie with a bit of beach  - fence - an Adirondack chair.  I wanted to show that its  the quiet moments that are remembered the most about summers.  Well that was the plan anyways.

I mean how hard can it be?  Well I guess, really hard.  First, I wanted to research some images of  sunsets, beaches, fences and Adirondack chairs.  Do you know how many there online??  Like a Million!  Then  I had  to audition  I think a hundred fabrics for the sky, water and sand.   Once I found an acceptable trio then they needed to be in acceptable proportions.  Even now, I'm still not quite sure I like the combo or even know where to go next.

So just like a tree cut off at the knees. . . . .I'm Stumped!

I think this is another good reason to work in series.  Once you start a series, you don't have to make every single design decision from scratch.  You have a good starting jumping off point.  With that, I might just table this  whole idea and go back to Fall II.

Hopefully your studios played more nicely today with you!!

So what have you been up to creatively???


Lisa Chin said...

Take a break. Breath for a minute and I am sure it will all come together! You will do it.

I got a couple more pet postcards done by monoprinting onto some quilted leftover fabric. I like the say they turned out.

Margarita Korioth said...

I agreed with Lisa, take a break. You will see it differently with *fresh* eyes.
-chocolate also helps :)-

The Inside Stori said...

Oh....I'm sooooo there with you....I too have been working on a sunset theme with a wonderful handfelted wool this point I've screwed it up so much (with all the corrections to missteps) that this is probably going to end up in the trash. I rarely give up....but it's a mess....and I am feeling for you today too!!

Julierose said...

I agree totally, starting up is tough! You find yourself "at sea"--or at least I do hugs, Julierose

quiltedfabricart said...

leave it on the wall for awhile - it will come! and although I a haven't really done things in series I like the idea and it does make sense, thank you for the suggestion. as for the sunset, that sky fabric is awesome! whatever else happens I think you should stick with that. maybe try something for the water and sky that is orangy like the sky. If you look at sunsets the sky and land etc are really the same but different. but don't rush it, it won't hurt anything to have a couple of projects in the works :-)

LA Paylor said...

This is often the way when designing
If you are still fussing around, then it's not "right" in your eyes yest. Let it simmer, ask yourself what aspect you aren't happy with.
Your original photo has a smaller sky area than your layout. Do you want to try keeping the sky to a third and see if having more foreground makes you happier?
Lee Anna Paylor

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

I haven't been up to anything great that I can share!! I hate to share customer quilts here - but looks like you have been busy! This is a wonderful idea - can't wait to watch it grow! :)

Sylvia said...

I love sunsets, I photograph them all the time! I agree with everyone, leave it be. Walk away, work on something else, look at different colors, get it out of your mind's eye. Come back later (even days later) and glance at it with a fresh eye. It will tell you what is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to let an idea percolate a while and sometimes it just has to get made that very instant! I find those ones that won't waing are usually the start of a series.

Looks like you're off to a darn good start to me.

Nina Marie said...

Well now I know where to go for an encouraging cheer section - LOL - you all are super sweet and its GREATLY appreciated. I mean - I could have the same kind of rant to my family and friends and not one of them would understand or say the right things! Thanks!!!

Amy Art Quilter & Fyber Cafe said...

Thank you for the invite to Off the Wall Friday, I'm not used to getting a lot of comments on my blog, so I checked it too late. But I'll be adding you to my list, so I can see what you are up to more often. Your hand painted sky sunset was gorgeous, I am always too timid with my sunsets and end up with pastel skies, or they dry too light. You inspired me to be BOLD!! Amy at