Monday, September 9, 2013

& the Quilting Goes On - Design Wall Monday

Hours later, I'm almost done with quilting up the Fall quilt.  Its been fun since the the quilt lines went in so easily.  Actually its been really fun - so fun that I think I'll pop right into the next one in the series.  You see  - way back when - I originally thought that I wanted to design two wallhangings to flank the back door of my familyroom.  I thought it would be nice to make them sister quilts relating to each other but not exactly the same.  So I came up with  4 sets of 2 and just picked a set to start. 

Well - now looking at the original designs, I'm thinking that maybe sister quilts wasn't too hot an idea.  I think I'd much prefer kissin' cousins quilts.  So I picked one of the more complex quilts to do up next.  I love the idea that the original elements of the design is there but that the composition is
getting more complex

Also one thing I noticed when I was quilting, was that originally when I started the quilt I had used a yo-yo technique to turn under the edges of the circles. You know - you use a freezer paper template for the circle - cut the fabric out a bit bigger than the circle - stitch a quick running stitch around the edge and just pull until the edges gather underneath the template. . . .well I do like that finish.  That way I didn't have to add any other stitching around the circles and they had a nice crisp edge.  Gotta remember to do that one the next one!

Ohhh and another thing I learned with this quilt.  Have you all ever heard of a thread sock??  Well I got a few with my spool stand but really never knew what it was for.  My new friend Valerie clued me into the fact that you use it to make sure your thread comes off nice and even.  But I never had trouble with my thread coming off evenly - well - until now!  A few years back, I bought these nice large spools of  Polyneon varigated thread.  Their are gorgeous - but I could never get the big spools to thread into my
machine nicely.  So there they sat - until I remembered what Valerie had told me - put the sockies on and Wow - what a difference.  Worked like a charm.  Who knew???  (Well Valerie obviously - grin)

I'm thinking the rest of the week will have me finishing this piece, starting the next and doing some more hand dyeing.  My order from Pro Chem came in and I want to try some of my new colors!

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Judy Ferguson said...

Did a good job on this. I am just a fuser and do not have time for hand applique, but this looks really great.

Nina Marie said...

Thanks!! You know I didn't hand applique it - although I do like doing that - I machined applique the circles down using one of the 12 applique stitches on the Horizon (I really need to use more the stitches on this machine!) The rest is rough edge appliqued without fusing.

Gari in AL said...

This quilt is so beautiful, both composition and color. I am really looking forward to seeing your next, more complex, one.

Rhonda R. said...

What a beautiful quilt!

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Haha - well I'm so glad that the net work for you!! I never had any issues either until I started buying thread on cones. More often than not I just use the nets to avoid issues. The other day I was sewing away on my long arm only to find that about a bobbins worth of thread had gotten sucked up into the belt ACK!!! Thread net saved the day, yet again! :) Looking beautiful Nina!