Friday, January 18, 2013

Redwork Patterning - Off the Wall Friday

Have you noticed how stitching has taken the fiber/Quilt world by storm?  Its like all of a sudden quilters have found their needles again and decided that its time to get back to the basics.

With that in mind, this redwork project has taken me by storm and its been hard to get  it out of my mind.  I haven't had that much time at work to stitch this week - go figure they actually want me to - well - work.  But still did get a bit of a start on the first block.

Anyways - so this is how I went about starting the project -

  • Find my Saral transfer paper I bought at least 17 yrs ago
  • Layer the transfer paper with Kona Cotton I bought on sale this week for $4.50/yd
  • Tape my drawing on top - then trace over it with a pencil 
  • It came too light
  • Trace over it with a mechanical pencil without the lead - too light again
  • Trace over it a third time with a metal hemming ruler (my mother's from 40 yrs ago)
  • Worked great - started stitching with DMC Pearl 5 cotton - love it

Of course, I could have saved myself the time if I had just read Katrina's (at Acting my VintAge) post on her experiments  - finding that Saral did work fine but that Sulky's transfer pen worked the best.  Still she said she couldn't get a fine line with that and with my Saral it was nice and fine!

Anyways - I really do need to get back to the praise ladies and not let myself get side tracked again!

So what have you all been up to creatively?


Anonymous said...

Morning Nina-Marie, I like the look of your new project and will enjoy seeing it develop. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Nina Marie. Interesting project you've got going. I didn't know that "stitching" had become a "trend"-- I thought that was always part of it anyway. Drat! I hate being part of a trend! Oh, well, such is life. And I think the "off the wall friday" is becoming a habit...finally.
best, nadia

Susan Lenz said...

Stitching is a trend! Yippee! I'm trendy! LOL!

quilthexle said...

Trend or not - it's a lot of fun to stitch by hand ;-)) can't wait to see your piece finished !

Margaret said...

I too do lots of hand-stitching...including red-work, which I used for my first assessment piece for the C&G program last summer. Just traced photo images onto paper with a Pitt pen; then used a light box and mechanical pencil to transfer to fabric...That was the hardest part; the stitching was lovely fun. :-)

P.S. Love your idea about doing one in black-on-white...with that theme you have going there.

SewCalGal said...

I too love Saral paper. Very economical transfer paper. Have had good luck with a stylist that I picked up for < $2 at a craft store in the scrapbooking aisle. But there are many tools around a home that work and love your logic of trying different items vs giving up on the transfer media.

And, your linky is great. Love all your talented participants and now want to go visit all of them.


Unknown said...

Transdoodle by Attached Inc (Mistyfuse) is a great, large format transfer paper....and one of the best things is that the marks stay on until you brush it off with another piece of fabric! AND it comes in several colors. :)