Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Golden Quilter Awards - As I See It

Now I know this is my blog - it has my name right up there . .   but still I don't often use it to express my opinions.  But since SewCalGal invited her readership to write blog posts concerning who they think should be nominated for this year's Golden Quilter Awards - I thought I would add mine.    Now I realize I might have a different take on the quilt world than a lot of bloggers out there right now - So this is a big IMHO alert.

If I had my say. . .  .I would nominate. . . the categories I care the most about. . .

For Best Quilt Designer - McKenna Ryan
Her work is amazing!  Not only is it amazing but then she marketed it so that it opened up a whole world of fused appliquing to the average Jane Quilter.  It takes a great designer to make gorgeous quilts easy enough so that others can do them.

For Best Quilt Book Author - Jennifer Chiaverin
Now I'm quite sure this was meant to be a non-fiction quilt book author - but I would submit that Jennifer brought quilting to the fiction world and made it into an great series.  The Elk Creek Quilt series has become a staple of most quilters I know!

Elizabeth's  Red Morning (available for sale)

For Best Teacher/Instructor - Elizabeth Barton
Elizabeth is the teacher that literally changed the way I see quilting.   She's amazing in a 5 day class but she also teaches at Quilt University online. She has lead the way to educating the quilter about the design principals of art and has generously shared them on her blog.  Its a wealth of design information. She is also an award winning art quilter.

Best New Product of 20112 - The Queen Size Supreme Slider
Although I don't have one - I've tried one and its on my wishlist.  If you haven't notice, free motion quilting on home machines has taken on a life of its own lately.    With the Supreme Slider it makes it that much easier - and the queen size fits my machine perfectly!

Best Quilt Book of 2012 - Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters
Now I don't make modern quilts  - nor do I ever see myself making modern quilts.  That said, this craze has brought a lot of new younger women to the quilt world that sooner or later will go beyond the simple piecing of the square.  Angela Walters has written a book that will help them do that.  This book is enormously helpful in teaching how to pick the proper designs to go with the quilt adding the proper texture to the designs.

Lifetime Achievement AwardJinny Beyer
Is there  a part of the quilt world that Jinny hasn't touched?  'nough said.

You could always head over to SewCalGal's and link up your own favorites. . . . .


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

You sure have great taste! I looked up Elizabeth Barton and fell head over heels in love!


bohemiannie! art said...

I'm off to visit Elizabeth Barton too! Yeppers. Happy to see the surpreme slider on your list. My friend 'invented' it!