Monday, October 1, 2012

Abandoned. . . A Fall Quilt

Abandoned, 29" by 26"
It took a good two weeks and a lot of long hours but I managed to get my fall quilt done.  I entitled it Abandoned since the swing looks so lonely without  its little girl on it.  So the way I solved the season ambiguity problem was to  just add a few sheer leaves at the end.  Now there is no doubt that its fall instead of spring.

I went a little Thread Happy with this one - I swear I nearly used every bobbin in my box.  They all started out full - next thing you know the whole piece is covered with thread  - and they're all empty!  It was so much fun though communing with my Baby for hours on end.  She felt very loved.

I can't even tell you what a sigh of relief I gave with delivering the pieces to the gallery with a whole 45 min to spare.  But  - as I pledge - they left blocked and labeled - so I'm all happy!   Still my sewing hole looks like a tornado went through it - so I better get it back into shape!  Its amazing how one little quilt can cause that much a mess!

With that one done, and a good 5 months of art quilting behind me, my traditional roots are calling me.  I have a  UFO box filled with little floral baskets made mostly of sateens.  I stopped because the whole project got way too pattern busy and I wasn't quite sure what to do with them.  Now with a break - I'm think I'm up for tackling them again.  Besides - I got an itch to get do some hand quilting.

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Deborah OHare said...

You had me worried for a minute! I read the title and thought you had abandoned the quilt!Glad you didn't. It's lovely.

Robin said...

Excellent-what a great feeling, right?
Great name too. Did you know that in the poetry world, 'Autumn' is a metaphore for old age and dieing? So you have an Autumn quilt with the 'Abandoned' title giving it that deep emotional tug.

Nann said...

An entire story can be derived from your quilt. It's lovely.

Sue Daurio said...

Wow just amazing. I do love the shear leaves that you added, what a great touch. It does spark the emotions.

Gari in AL said...

Excellent. I really like the use of the sheer for the leaves as many of the leaves I see at the end of fall are mostly veins. Love your work.

AnnieO said...

Very visually striking and yet so open and deep! Congrats on meeting your goal with 45 minutes to spare :)

Brita said...

It turned out awesome! GReat job, I'll bet you get lots of kudos.

Rebecca Lynne said...

Love this! So beautiful and the name is great...abandoned swing as in Fall when all the kids go back to school.

Sandy said...

I was worried like the first commenter. I thought you had totally given up!

Glad you didn't. Glad you have some time to look around at other things with new vision.
Sandy in the UK