Friday, September 28, 2012

Bobbins and Bobbins - Off the Wall Friday

How can it be Friday already?  I really need to start only budgeting a couple of hours of sewing each night.  Once I start on that third hour my eyes start glazing over and I start thinking of bed.  Is there such as a thing as asleep at the machine?

I did manage to get a bunch of thread work done on my latest piece.  So far I've gone through 3 - count them 3 full Bottom Line Bobbins.  You know you can fit a lot of thread on a bobbin using Bottom Line.  Not to mention, I'm only about half done.  I really am enjoying doing it though  - I always forget how much I love just free motion quilting.

Plus this time I got to use my new snazzy machining gloves - which are a lot lighter than my gardening one  (go figure!)  That was one of the better $8 I've spent lately.  It makes it so much easier to move the piece around.  The only thing I wish I had bought the X-tra small instead of the Small/Mediums - they're just a bit big!

As you can tell, I'm putting off the final decision on what exactly I'm going to do about the season situation.  I got so many good ideas from everyone - a big Thank You.  The only thing I can tell you right now is that I decided not to do any tulle - not so much because it wouldn't have made a nice value change - but putting it over so much of the barn I wasn't quite sure how it would effect the texture.  With the deadline so close I didn't feel like experimenting.

So by Monday the suspense should be over and we can find out exactly what I decide together!

So what have you been up to Creatively this week?


Sylvia said...

I love the way this piece is turning out! It has been fun to see the process. From a drawing to the machine quilting, it has been a good adventure. I can't wait to see Monday!

Lisa Chin said...

Your piece is looking great! I've been playing with paints and dyes so much lately that I have pink and black fingers. I was finally able to dig most of it out of my finger nails and cuticles, I guess the rest make take a few more days.

Deborah OHare said...

Looking good. You gotta love those gloves! Though mine don't stay white for very long!

Kit Lang said...

don't fall asleep - I've sewn through my finger, 3 times this year :)

Robin said...

Thank you Nina. I am intrigued by how you work as well. Boy does that first picture really read as old wood on a swing seat!!! I am looking forward to seeing this done. Maybe your thread choices will add the 'Autumn' vs. tulle.

Karen S said...

I'm always surprised at how many bobbins I empty and fill when I'm machine quilting.

My kids got me machine quilting gloves a couple of years ago for Mother's day -- I LOVE them. They really make a huge difference.

Anonymous said...

It is exciting to see your fall piece coming together from sketch to studio quilt. The quilting is always my favorite part, and yours is looking very good. I may be ready to post again next week... this week I'm getting ready for a community garage sale tomorrow, but I have had some time to work on my Tropical Ocean Sunset.