Thursday, January 6, 2011

Word of 2011 - Balance

You know it happens every year.  Christmas happens and all creativity is sucked right out of me.  Well that's not exactly true.  All my creativity goes into the holiday. . . decorations. . . unique gifts. . . great social events.  There is never any left over for me to continue my sewing through the month of December.  I hate that I lose momentum on projects.  I hate that my sewing room gets taken over by all sorts of Christmas paraphernalia.  I hate that there isn't a quiet moment to myself.  To top that all off, it happens to be the darkest month of the year and gray seems to be the constant outside color.  So with all that said, I'm trying to shake it off and get back into the regular routine.

Recently on my art quilt list, a thread came up  asking for every one's Word for 2011.  Instantly, the word Balance came to mind.  For me it always seems like I attack everything with an "All or Nothing" attitude.  I get on a mission and everything else goes by the wayside while its completed.  I would like to break that cycle.  For 2011, I would like to teach a little, mother a little, create a little, clean a little, etc. etc. Oh and laugh a lot!

So under the guise of creating a little, I managed to do about 45 minutes of sewing a couple nights this week.  Of course it took that long to find my sewing hole and gather the things for my Christmas project.  I decided that I will finish up that project before I go onto the next couple that I have planned.  I'll  let you in on my progress in my next post.

So hopefully, I can keep with my resolution for . . . . Balance.

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henny said...

Aah...very great resolution!! Love it.
I think I'll copy yours :)