Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stash Sell Off!

Okay, I finally made the decision. I am going to take half of my stash and sell it off - cheapie! cheapie! It was just cluttering up my shelves and taking away room from the fabric that I actually did want to use.

Now I own a lot of fabric - although I would not say an obscene amount but respectable for a long time quilter. I never was a quilter who bought fabric for a project. I would buy fabric because I had to have it and if I found a project that it would go into that was fine. I would always use my overtime money for it so it wasn't a big deal to my husband. Besides, I'm not like other women you know - I don't want expensive shoes or purses or a nice car or even a nice Bernina - I just liked to have a decent stash of fabric. Over the years its been a blessing too since I now only work when my daughter's in school and fabric is soooooooo expensive.

But lately I've found that its been more of a hindrance then a help. It seems like my stash was always in a mess and I couldn't find anything that I wanted. Plus, I needed to find a place for my hand dyed collection which is getting bigger. I also wanted to find the fabric in my stash that could be over dyed. So I started cleaning.

And clean I did - to the tune of over 500 yards - and counting! There is also a big bin of fabric sample cards I want to get rid of. I decided that I would start the sell off at a garage sale that I'm having. I just casually let some quilter friends know that I'm going to do a big stash sell off at $2/yard. I did manage to get rid of nearly 100 yards yesterday but still there is a ton more. I'm going to run the garage sale one more day because its been raining on and off both days - sigh!

Also I got serious today - I listed it on Craiglist, I contacted the heads of the quilt guilds I know or could find online and really just tried to reach anybody who might want quilt shop fabric cheap! I'll keep you updated. Plus I do a blog on my pretty - organized - remaining stash.

One quilter asked if it was hard to let go and the answer was a huge NO! I still have at least that much fabric in my stash and now I can actually get at it - plus its nice to bless another quilter with cheapie good fabric!


Suzanne Kistler said...

Wow! Good for you, Nina-Marie! Not only are you clearing out space for yourself, you're helping quilters by giving them a great bargain. Yay!!

Lisa Ellis said...

Ditto what Suzanne said. Great idea.

Quiltedtime said...

Very good. I am getting to that point myself, but think I will donate it to my guild and let them keep the proceeds. Anything to get rid of the fabric that seems to be creeping out of my sewing room on its own :-)