Friday, September 4, 2009

Stash Clean Out Complete

Yes - drum roll please - I did manage to complete cleaning my stash yesterday! I keep it up on the third floor of my aging Victorian house. We have a big dressing room that has two closets and walls of shelving. One side holds our clothes while the other holds all my fabric. Its dark and ventilated so its been the perfect spot to store it. Still it was always a mess since there was too much fabric there for the space. With the recent sell-off (which is still going on if anybody wants any - cheapie!), I've managed to really organize the fabric I really wanted to use. Here it is. I grouped the commercial fabrics together by color and put the top shelves with hand dyeds by color - sort of! Its hard to actually get that exactly right when the hand dyeds are sometimes equally one color and another. I do have two closets of little boxes. They are boxes of odds and ends like - tatting trims, left over blocks, vintage patterns, etc. etc. Still they are now labeled and easy to get at. I also found out that I don't need to buy any batting for a while with at least 4 queen size batts in reserve! I also have nice collections of William Morris fabrics, Rose and Hubble fairy fabrics, two boxes of Japanese fabrics, a box of Liberty of London AND more 30's reproduction fabrics than I ever wanted to look at. I only found 3 or 4 UFO's and a couple of tops needing quilting so I was happy with that!

One thing that this venture has shown is what hand dyeds colors I need to dye. I need the neutrals and the muddy colors. I have a lot of intense green and blues but no reds - like what's wrong with red that I never have it in hand dyeds? I also found a big box of solids from years ago that I'm going to try to over dye and see if I can come up with some nice muddy colors.

So I guess my fall cleaning is done and I can get back - happily - to the sewing hole. My family is very impressed with me - I'm just glad to get it all pretty and organized!

These are the "mid clean" pictures of the process - I meant to get before shots but I forgot~!

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Suzanne Kistler said...

hahaha!!! A quilter/stasher after my own heart! Great job on your organization! I hope that it leads to all kinds of renewed inspiration in your "sewing hole." :)