Friday, October 12, 2018

Off the Wall Friday

So What Are You Up to Creatively?

Friday, October 5, 2018

Off the Wall Friday

So sorry this is late!  I've been called away on a family emergency!

So What You Been Up Creatively?

Friday, September 28, 2018

Off the Wall Friday

Well sadly I am only half way through my bookcase.  It was a way bigger job than I realized!!  Apparently I own a LOT of books.  I promise to post it when I'm done!

So What Are Up to Creatively?

Friday, September 21, 2018

A Clean Up - Off the Wall Friday

Before I moved into my studio, I used a section off my family room which I lovingly called my "Sewing Hole".  When I moved out of there, my favorite bookcase stayed, housing my vast collection of quilting and art books.  They were meticulously organized and I could always find what I needed.  Well over the last three years, that space has become more and more clutter with stuff, I wasn't quite sure what to do with.

Finally, this spring, I said ENOUGH! I made a goal that I would clean up that area by the end of summer.  Well here is it is, summer officially coming to an end and its not done!!  Not to mention, I wanted to look at some of my traditional books, to design a nice English Paper Piecing take-along project but couldn't find the books I needed through all the disarrayed clutter.

With that said, I started to clean out the area  and what happens???  The ancient shelves collapse on me.  You just hear this big  WHOOSHHHHHHH through the house.  My husband looks up from his lap top and says, "Are you okay?"  I look at the big puddle of books and assorted minutia that surrounded me and said, "Yessssssssssssssss"

Mentally, I was thinking, "Why does everything always have to be a production???"

I'm posting this here, not only as an explanation of why I'm not posting my new English Paper Piecing Project but as a goal that by next week this are will be back to its pristine self.

I mean, ya know how I am......If you didn't keep me honest I wouldn't ever get it done!

So What Have Been Up to Creatively?

Friday, September 14, 2018

Finding Inspiration - Off the Wall Friday

Recently, a relatively new friend of mine was a bit surprised to find out I was an artist.

 She says, " I knew you sewed quilts, but really, you're an artist?"

Wellllll, yes

"I mean, you make up the designs you sew into quilts?"

Ummmmm, Yesssssss, but really, they're more art than quilts.....wellllllllll really they're both

"From scratch?"

Yeah, like any other artist

"But where do you get all those ideas from.  I could never do that!"

OMG, ideas are everywhere,  In fact the hard part most of the time is narrowing them down to one idea.

She didn't believe me. I could tell.  But really its true.  Ideas are everywhere if you just look around you.

Although most of my ideas come from my own photos - all these ideas were taken from Windows 10 Themes photos (An important note, however: these images are licensed by Microsoft for the personal non-commercial use of Windows users.)

All of these could be used as inspiration for both figurative works as well as abstract.  They also also could lead you to art quilts or more traditional quilts or even into the modern arena.  I mean - gosh - I could go on and on just by exploring the free themes of Windows 10 but I really do need to publish this post!!

At this point, if you're asking yourself - wow where did she find all those themes - its pretty easy.

Go to Windows 10 Free Themes

Browse the themes and pick one!!  Just Click on the theme - Click on "Get"

It will download, and then you click  "Launch"

The theme will appear.  Now you can change your themes through "Settings"

If you're looking for the individual pictures - that's a little more tricky

I used  %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Themes

in my Windows 10 search box and then clicked on themes - they all should be there

 So What have been up to Creatively?

Friday, September 7, 2018

How to Become an Art Quilter - Off the Wall Friday

So this week I've been participating  Benita's Quilter's Meet & Greet Blog Hop.  I highly recommend you take some time and look at all the blogs!! Its been a lot of fun getting to know some new quilter bloggers and get a peek into their world.  Plus, I found the comments on my post interesting.

One in particular comes from Mindy who wrote,  "after looking at your blog I really want to try my hand at an art quilt. I just have to remind myself that I have very little experience and the first one I do will not be my best!  
How did you start?"

Good Question, Good Attitude!!  I was lucky enough to make my real first art quilt under the watchful eye of the late Joan Colvin  (Click here for a great little video featuring her!) in a 5 day class at
Quilting by the Lake.  She was the one that taught me that     WoW I can do this!!

However  I realize that not everyone is lucky enough to have a family that will let them drop everything to go to quilt conference, so I would suggest using blogs, youtube (because as always its not worth knowing if there isn't a tutorial on youtube)  and lastly books.

Blog Posts  (A few of my  past posts that will get you started  but honestly explore the web - there are ton out there!)

From Photo to Quilt   A quick explanation of how to go from a photo to pattern.

Big Idea at QBL  Shows how you go from your pattern to picking out fabrics

7 Ways to Abstract a Photo  Gives ways to take a photo to  a abstract design

Improvisational Piecing  Shows how I do quick easy abstract piecing

Red Solo Cup Dyeing   Hand fabric dyeing for beginners with fabulous results

Design Composition - Pointers on Good Composition

Favorite YouTube Channels 

Colourious - Textile Art   A ton of different techniques from sewing, thread painting, surface design
Ellen Anne Eddy  Shows her style of thread painting

(to tell you the truth - I use Craftsy classes for videos more than Youtube - I can highly recommend them for the small cost of them!)

Books I Couldn't Live Without!

 Art Quilt Workbook, Jane Davila, Elin Waterston
The Complete Photo Guide to Art Quilting, SusanStein
Create Your Own Free Form Quilts, Rayna Gillman
5 Must Have Art Quilt Books

There is so much out there to explore.....once I started compiling this list I thought - WoW no wonder someone could become overwhelmed.  I think if it was me....I would start with a good class on Craftsy.  Minimal investment, you can work at your own pace and there is always someone to answer questions.  Then start reading and practicing and don't be afraid to make mistakes and revival in your successes!

So What Have You Been Up to Creatively?

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Nina-Marie! Quilter's Meet & Greet

My Studio in the former front parlor of my house
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Hi!!  Benita was gracious enough to invite me to her Quilter's Meet  & Greet!!  I thought it a brilliant idea as a way to meet some new quilters and introduce them to my blog.

Sooooo, I'm Nina-Marie and I live in a small town outside of Erie, Pennsylvania where its gorgeous three seasons a year.  The other season only snow mobilers and ice fisherman enjoy.  My husband Paul is an artisan woodworker when he's not baking and my college age daughter, Tessa has minors in Creative Writing and Drama.  So needless to say, we're a creative household.

My First Art Quilt made in a Joan Colvin's Class

I started quilting 25 years ago by mistake when I received a quilt book in the mail.  Since I love quilts, I decided to make one of them thinking, "How hard can it be??"  That  was the beginning of a life long passion.  Over the years, I've explored  pretty much every aspect of quilting there is and love  them all equally.  Each new project I did, taught me something new...and I'm still learning. 

This was made from my own hand dyed and hand painted fabrics

This was a Do-Over Piece from the original

This blog acts not only as my on-going creative journal, but also as a way that I can pass on what I've learned.  Seven years into my quilting journey, I made the leap into art quilting.  Since my degree is in Engineering, I had NO idea what I was doing.  In fact, I thought that you needed to be VERY artsy to make such amazing art quilts I saw in magazines and online.  What I learned  was that although you do need some artistic knowledge,those quilts were the products of years of learning and a lot of hard work.  It wasn't magic.  This blog is here to document that journey.

This was a block of the month quilt from Quilter's Newsletter I learned so much!!

Quilting is very personal to me. To me, its not just another fad craft.    Although of late, I’ve been doing mostly art quilting, I still love to traditional quilt.  I’ve made mega-projects completely by hand before (I have one in the works still!) and I love, love, love hand quilting.  I was a 20,30 something quilter before it was fashionable to be one.  People would say “Why do you spend all your time and money cutting up perfectly good fabric and hanging out with old ladies?”  I’d laughed at them  – point to a creations that was uniquely mine and say, “Why not?  Now that I'm finally aging into the quilting crowd , quilting seems second nature.
This is my favorite pattern quilt because I love the use of gradations

My favorite art quilt because its reminds me of summer
Because I'm working full time now (I'm a sales representative for ladies catalogs - so I help ladies shop over the phone) I don't have time to blog as much as I'd like.  I do however host a blog link up that is mostly aimed at art quilters (but any quilter is welcome) every Friday called -
 Off the Wall Fridays.  We're a pretty informal lot and anybody is welcome to link a creative post any week.  The Link up starts every Friday morning - midnight EStime and ends at the end of the day on Monday.

I'm so glad to take this time to introduce myself and show off some of my work.  I encourage you to visit Benita's Meet & Greet to get know more quilters!!  
My favorite  abstract quilt so far....I love the colors of it