Friday, May 17, 2024

A Day of Exhibitions on Off the Wall Friday

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Sooooooooo, this week we celebrated my birthday a little early and my husband took me to the Cleveland Museum of Art since their spring exhibits were in full swing.  We got to see Africa & Byzantium, Monet in Focus, and Korean Couture: Generations of Revolution.  It was extra fun since it was Senior Appreciation Day and the place was packed!  I love how friendly all the seniors were and everyone wanted to chat with each other over their love of art.   (Go figure not one person had their head in their phone!)

Icon of the Virgin and Child, 500s, Byzantine Empire (Egypt)

We started our day off with Africa & Byzantium in the special exhibit hall. Africa and Byzantium focuses on the intricate artistic relations between the Christian kingdoms of North and East Africa and the Roman Empire dating back to the 4th century and beyond.  The show included 160 works loaned from all over the world including large-scale frescoes, mosaics, and luxury goods such as metalwork, jewelry, panel paintings, architectural elements, textiles, and illuminated manuscripts.  I was especially interested in the many textiles since of course they were done all by hand.  It was amazing to me what great shape they were in.  I thought the exhibit especially timely since it brought together art from the three faiths of the region, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Noah:  The Eve of the Deluge, 1848. John Linnell (British, 1792–1882)
(just for the record - that imagine does NOTHING for this painting - it's AMAZING in person)

Then we took a docent led tour themed Sunrise/Sunset.  Most museums offer free docent led tours - TAKE THEM!  You'll learn a ton and it will give you a whole new perspective on what you are looking at.  Many of the pieces were ones that were not new to me, but I was happy to see one  of my favorite pieces new to the collection hung in its rightful spot - 

Vlhelm Hammershoi, Strandgade, Sunshine,  1906. 

 This is a painting that was gifted by Keithley family and its really captures your attention.  I find it ironic that it's called Sunshine when it looks like a haunting night painting in person.

Claude Monet

The tour ended with Monet in Focus which features four of the artist's latter paintings, three of which are on loan from Musée Marmottan Monet in Paris.  It's kinda amazing seeing paintings you've only seen in books and online in person!  I love how all 4 were studies in light.  

Japanese Bridge, 1918 , Claude Monet (French, 1840–1926)

Finally, the day ended with me taking a docent led tour of Korean Couture: Generations of Revolution. (click the link to see a short video of the exhibit).  I loved how this show started with examples of fashion from 500 years ago and moved to the present.  You can see how fashion has changed but the love of detail of the Korean people has not.  My favorites were two pieces done in mulberry bark by the amazing designer Lee Jean Youn where the backstitched embroidery was amazing!  They also had the Teddy Bear coat on exhibit from 2011 - do you remember that one?  I was like OMGosh I remember when that was all the talk!

Lee Jean Youn

It really was a great day!  Please, please, please go have a look at your local museum's web pages to see what they have on special exhibit.  I always find something totally fascinating!

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Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

I enjoyed your recap of your museum visit! I didn't know about the teddy bear coat, so I found that interesting! Love the paintings!!!

Melva said...

We enjoy our community's First Friday Art Walks each month. Most of the galleries and the art museum have new shows each month. So fun!