Friday, March 8, 2024

Pegboards for Quilting on Off the Wall Friday

My Pegboard, white, cut to fit the space, painted stripes, electric orange tape.
Baskets, cups used for additional space, labeled

So today I read an interesting post on my Sewing/Quilting Organization list on Facebook.  A member was looking for ideas for the use of a pegboard in her sewing space and asked for pictures.  My first thought was lots of people must have pegboards and they all must use them the same way.  

Apparently, I was wrong.  As goes it with a list of 110K (yes you read that right 110,000!) quilters/sewers, you get many opinions and ideas on how a pegboard can be used.  With the permission of the owners, I thought I would share some and why I think they are great!

Barb P. hasn't taken up the full wall - cut at a rectangle it can easily be reached plus room for a great bridge painting.

Christina S uses her to store fat quarters of fabric in attached baskets

Angie O. proves that bigger isn't always better

             Beth R decided to paint hers individually and place them near her work tables
                                           (notice - another  Janome 7700 owner - yay!)

Shere R. organizes her thread and lets the color inspire her.

                                          Diane P framed hers and added Criscut Lettering  
                                          Plus notice how the envelop baskets are so handy!

Raelynn W uses her corner brilliantly

Perri E. K. uses the pegboard traditionally but look how GREAT this looks
The Mugs are perfect!!

Patrizia S.  Shows how you can store just about anything on a pegboard.

Great Ideas Right?

Do you use a pegboard?  How?  
(Also, I am still looking for people who might want to share their sewing space here on the blog and answer questions on how it came about ... just use the "Contract Me" widget on the right!

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Gretchen Weaver said...

I've had a pegboard for years and I made sure it got moved to our new house. I hang rulers, rotary cutters, scissors on it and also the things that always get lost in drawers like Karen Buckley's perfect circle bags also several patterns I want hang so whenever I get around to making them, I can find the pattern! There are also several speciality rulers I've been gifted with, don't want those lost. I like the pegboard pictures you share, it never occurred to me to paint the board but that's a great idea!

Margaret said...

I have 3 small peg-boards in my studio and love 'em -- have had them for years. I use one for knitting needles, one for embroidery flosses and hoops, and one for assorted other items I can hang up. They're great for making it easier to organize and store things in a small space.

Gwyned Trefethen said...

Never thought to do a blog post on peg boards. What a great topic. I have a peg board on the wall along a walkway beside my studio. I hang my large cone threads, rulers, cutting implements and more. However, seeing the posts of everyone else's peg board, I can see how mine is under utilized.

Anonymous said...

I have a small peg board but mine is not used that creatively! Love the painted ones. Thank you for sharing!