Friday, February 16, 2024

The Changing World of Social Media on Off the Wall Friday

 So this week, it was brought to my attention, how much social media has changed over the short life of the internet.   In the late 90's, it wasn't unusual to connect with other quilters on different sites including  There were also forums (Reddit type)  where you could ask questions and form groups.  I joined a quilt guild that was active but just virtually.  At the time,  it was all very new and

interesting.  I also belonged to two email groups (one traditional - one art quilt-based) where you would start a topic and people would chime in with their answers or two cents.  These would get very active and it wasn't unusual to come home to 500+ emails.  In the early 2000s, blogging took off.  Here was another way to connect with like-minded people.  EVERYONE and their mother started a blog.  Next popped up Facebook and then Instagram and then TikTok.  Each platform offered something new and shiny to the user.  Sites come and go...apps come and go...(do you remember the first time someone explained to you what an app was?)  I'm sure you, like I , have found it a bit much.  Plus as the years go on, we have members aging out of the platforms where they find they have other ways to enjoy their retirement.  It seems as if the new penny has lost some of its shine.

Or so I thought.

In the last couple of months, I've joined two VERY active maker's groups on Facebook.  Honestly, at this point, I really thought that Facebook groups were a thing of the past.  I apparently was wrong. 

The first is Loose Ends Project Finishers.  Loose Ends are matchmakers.  They match the families of
either passed loved ones or disabled makers who have left behind projects with makers who can finish the projects for them.  It reaches out to knitters, crocheters, embroiders, quilters etc who volunteer their talents to help out.  There are 22,000 finishers (me included) in 64 countries.  The idea has gotten so popular that JoAnn's is an official sponsor and running a current "Round Up " campaign through the month of February to help. You can join in at their site but they also have an active FB group that shows off work that is completed.

Funny Story of the Day:

So my husband comes home from JoAnn's and says - hey I rounded up my change to this pretty cool group - it's a group that will finish projects when you die. I suggest you start finishing up some of these quilts so you don't keep them busy! I said - Ohhh I'm part of that group! He said - well you are a "Finisher" not a "Starter", right?! LOL I told him we don't accept suggestions from the peanut gallery in this studio. Sent him back to his woodshop.

The Second group I've joined is the Quilting/Sewing Room Organization Facebook Group.  It has 91K members (and counting).  This is a very active group that is dedicated to exactly what the name states organizing your sewing space.  As long-time readers know, peeping on other's sewing rooms is a guilty pleasure of mine and this really has fed into this big time!  It's amazing where people from all over the world choose to create.  Some spaces are exactly as you expect...big, no expense-spared kind of dream rooms.  Others are sewers just starting out and asking for ideas on how to use their tiny space the best. Lots, like me fall in the middle.  For the most part, the group is encouraging and very helpful.  I really have had fun reading how people problem-solve their organizational problems and also encouraging those who have gone through life changes and need help getting their space put together. 

To tell you the truth, I have to really watch my screen time on this last group or I could lose hours - reading and answering!

P.S.  Since it's come up in the comments - here is the scoop about why my husband was at JoAnn's - So he went himself as I happened to be out of town that day.  He had to buy some velvet that I did assure him they sell and yes you just bring the bolt up to the counter and they will cut the yardage you need.  He needed the velvet because he was finishing up his "Wedding Time Capsule Boxes" for the upcoming season.  The boxes are made big enough to hold a bottle of wine and any other mementos the couple wants to keep for future anniversaries.  He is currently selling these on his website and they are customizable. 

Do you have any new social media outlets you like to use?

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Jenny K. Lyon said...

"So my husband comes home from JoAnn's"......whaaaaat? This implies he was there alone? Must discuss.

Rebecca Grace said...

Nina, thank you so much for today’s post! I hadn’t heard of the Loose Ends FB group but the guild I was president of until recently was constantly getting those kinds of requests (and did not have enough guild members who were available/interested in volunteering, as they were very heavily committed to doing charity quilting for local children’s hospitals). I got inquiries like that at my long arm quilting business as well and would take on those projects occasionally even though it wasn’t the best fit for me. I’m so glad to have someplace better to refer those families in the future.

And I am also a recent member of that other group you mentioned. I’m right in the middle of moving from NC to FL (as in, the NC house is empty and all of my possessions are packed up in boxes and moving pods that I can’t access right now, and we don’t close on our new house in FL until Tuesday). My sewing space in our new house is only about a third of the size of what I had in NC, and my long arm machine, batting, and tools specific to the quilting phase will all be housed in a separate studio space at my FIL’s house 15 minutes away from our new home. So I’m going to be starting from scratch setting up and organizing these two spaces and will be lurking and searching that FB group for tips and suggestions, especially for ideas pertaining to smaller work spaces.

The “Silver Lining” opportunity for me will be separating Work Quilting from Personal Hobby Sewing and I’m hoping to create better boundaries between work and personal time instead of just working all the time because the work is always right in front of me, 24/7. We’ll see how it goes — life is an adventure story and different chapters of our lives call for different creative spaces. At least that’s what other quilters are telling me.

Chantal said...

Those are very interesting FB groups. Thanks for sharing them with us. Loose Ends gives me an idea for our little group. I have a hard time believing your dear hubby went to JoAnn's by himself. Could he show my hubby how to do that, please?
Enjoy! ;^)

Margaret said...

Okay, Nina Marie; now you've done it! I went down the Loose Ends Rabbit hole and signed up. I also joined on Ravelry and have said hello to my fellow-Canadians there. Why I'm doing this when I have SO many of my own projects to finish (and I'm older than you are by a good bit!) but...well...why not? I'm much better and finishing a project if I know it's for someone else, not "just for me"...

Nina Marie said...

Hi Margaret, well I'm glad to put a little temptation into your view...but don't worry...I've been a member and they haven't sent a project my way yet. When I get a bit more time on my hands, I'm going to put up a flyer at our library and locally people will contact you!