Friday, September 22, 2023

Sutton Foster on Off the Wall Friday


Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center
We interrupt your regularly schedule programming to bring you something a bit different today.  Anybody who is a regular reader will know that I am a firm believer in exposing oneself to all sorts of art and culture.  My reasoning is that not only is it good for your own personal education and mental health, but also you never quite know where the inspiration for your next piece will come from.  When the plague struck, it reinforced this belief that culture is essential to one's life.  I told myself that I would never take for granted chances to enjoy art again.  

With that in mind, I went to see Broadway/TV singer/actress, Sutton Foster.  We are blessed in Erie, to have the Mercyhurst Institute of Arts at Mercyhurst University.  They bring in a full schedule of world-class entertainment each year including singers, dancers, musicians, and authors/lecturers.  Tonight it was Sutton.  

I love Sutton Foster.  She's a two-time Tony winner who has starred in  Broadway musicals like Thoroughly Modern Millie, Shrek the Musical, and most recently, the Music Man.  She starred in the short-lived show Bun Heads (which I totally enjoyed and can't believe they canceled but still can be streamed on Hulu).  You'll also see here guest stars in  TV shows like Elementary and Instinct (yes - you got to enjoy Alan Cummings AND Sutton Foster all in one episode!)  Anyway, let's just say she has had a full and successful 20-year career.

Tonight though it was just 75 min of her, a microphone, and her pianist, Michael Rafter.  It really was my favorite type of concert.  Just a person simply standing there showcasing her amazing voice and stage presence. We also were treated to a look into two of her obsessions...her only daughter, 6-year-old, Emily, and Crocheting.  You know you've found your kind of singer when right in the middle of the concert, she takes a moment to pull out an LL Bean canvas bag and a chair ('cause these shoes are pretty but they kill your feet).  Sutton went on to say that she has always been a maker all her life since her mother was a cross stitcher.    She then sits down, pulls out a blanket that she has been making on this year's concert tours, and proceeds to sing "Sunshine on My Shoulders" while crocheting another line in

purple.  All on key.  Without missing a stitch.  

Really there are a lot of singers who can dance (and she's a great dancer btw)  but how many can do it while crocheting!  She also treated us to her daughter's favorite song, "Raining Tacos" which brought out my own obsession with kid's music.  Among all the Broadway numbers, though my favorite song was Joni Mitchell's A Case of You.  Honestly, that is just such a great song, and sung by Sutton it was the highlight of the evening of my night.

I felt so happy, I smiled all the way home.  

So remember check your local venues - see who is playing  - spend the $$ and go!!

Under things I like, my daughter, the author (lol), has opened her Etsy shop featuring her new book Kit & Basie, Tales of Long Lily.   Watching the success she's having has been fun since it's amazing how an indie-published book can gain a following.  So if you are looking for a cozy romance (queer M/M), I highly suggest it - not because she's my daughter - but 'cause it really is a good book.

So next week, I promise back to quilting and art but I just wanted to share my night.  I mean it's not every day you get to see one of your favorite Broadway stars perform in your own backyard!

(Sorry no photos from tonight, cameras are forbidden).

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