Friday, September 16, 2022

20 Min a Day on Off the Wall Friday

An ongoing theme of this blog is how to motivate yourself to create.  I often wonder if it's a personal
flaw in me or if everyone has a hard time getting projects done from start to finish.  Paul, my husband, thinks it's all about creating a habit.  He's an artisan woodworker but recently he took two months off to give my Painted Lady a much-needed make-over.  The last time he painted her was in 1994.  Now that she's done though, it was time for him to get back into the woodshop.  He says it's like walking through mud trying to get going again.  

I think he's right. This topic came back up when I was meeting with my sewing buddy, Barbara last weekend  We both were lamenting how terribly unproductive we'd been.  It just seems like everything in our lives takes precedence over sewing.  In a flash Paul's idea of  "if you just take 20 minutes a day" popped into my head.  The concept is that if you work on a project for 20 minutes a day sooner or later it's bound to get done.   The nice thing is that 20 minutes sometimes turns into longer, but if not at least you got in 20 minutes.  To keep Barbara and me honest, I set up a calendar in Google Sheets to record our daily progress.  The cool thing about using Google Sheets is that we both can access it from our computers.  I learned from Weight Watchers that it was easier to start a new habit if you're held accountable!  Anyways...I'll let you know how we do!

This week, I'm traveling in Holmes County, Ohio for some much-needed R&R.  I did manage to get more of Tessa's Mosiac done though before I left.  I quilted her hair, shirt and arms.  Now all that is left is the background...finally! I used Deco-Bob 80 wt on her hair and LOVED the results.  It gives a nice texture line without giving too much of hard edge.  I actually used the coral that came in the sample pack and it seemed to blend well with all the burnt oranges I used in her hair. 

So hopefully, the saga of Tessa's Mosiac will finally be coming to a close!!  OMG I bet you're as tired of hearing about it as I am about writing about it!

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Jenny K. Lyon said...

You go girl! That 20 min/day thing really works. Can't wait to see it done!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I love this post. Why is it we like to read about others who's creative impulses sometimes dip and lag like our own. I guess we don't feel so alone. I think the 20 minutes a day idea is a great one. I encourage myself by saying every stitch counts and moves a project along. Like your lovely Tessa.

Angela said...

Your home is beautiful!

Melva said...

Best of luck with your goal of sewing for 20 min/day. Often times, if we just start we find that we don't WANT to stop. ;) Blessings, Melva

Michelle said...

Tessa’s Mosaic is beautiful! While I’m not having trouble with being motivated for quilting, I am suffering that issue with my jewelry making. So I understand. Your painted lady is amazing!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Never tire of reading about this amazing project of yours. I love the idea of 20 minutes a day to move something forward, for me sometimes fitness goals as well as the stitching.