Friday, July 22, 2022

WonderFil Thread Pt 2 on Off the Wall Friday


After writing last week's post, I was really excited to try out some of the WonderFil threads I've been collecting.  They have been sending me nice samples for the whole pandemic and I've never gotten around to seeing if they actually worked in my Janome Horizon.  "Work" is defined as easily free motion quilted with little to no fussing or breakage.  I don't know about you but the one thing I HATE is having my thread continually break.  Not only does it annoy me but it ruins the creative flow I have when I quilt.  That was one of the main reasons I switched to Mettler's Polysheen.  I could easily switch my sewing machine foot to my darning foot and off I went.  No other adjustments were necessary.  I could FMQ till my bobbin ran out!  It's also why my Sulky rayons sit unused unless I need to straight stitch!

As for the WonderFil, I made this sheet using my printer and took an afternoon to test my threads.  I used DecoBob in the bobbin, a quilting or Metallic needle, a blue dot bobbin case, and just warm and natural batting.  I thought this was a handy size since it would fit nicely into a sheet protector in one of my binders.  

The Results

  • Spagetti - 12 wt Cotton  - actually free motion nicely (don't ask me how)  It definitely is a hefty thread though!
  • Glamore - 12 wt Rayon - not surprisingly I couldn't get to even begin to make a sample
  • DTwist - 20 wt Rayon - Started off good, but eventually broke.  I think with some fussying I probably could get it sew, but really, who likes to fuss?!
  • Fabulux/Splendor - 40 wt Rayon - both FMQ without breakage but the tension was off and I would have to fuss with that
  • SpotLite - 40 wt Rayon Metallic - FMQ like a dream - yes  - I am shocked!  It will now be my go-to when I need a metallic for a project.  I stop designing things with metallics because I couldn't get them to work.  This one though did great and it has a nice pretty glitz to it!
  • Silco - 40 wt Cotton - I had trouble with the tension.  Also, I felt like for a 40 wt it sat on top of the fabric a lot.  
  • Mirage - 30 wt Rayon -WoW!  love this ... the tension was perfect - it sews wonderfully and its not too shiny
  • Tutti/Efina - 50/60wt Cotton - as expected these quilted fine - but really how often do I quilt with cotton?
  • DecoBob - 80 wt Poly - I'm happy to report that this probably was my favorite.  The tension was spot on and it has a nice fine quilting line.  I definitely can see myself using this more often when I need quilting but not the "Line".
  • InvisaFil - 100 wt Poly - I could not get to quilt without breakage.  I'm sure it will straight stitch though and that 100 wt thickness is tiny, tiny!
Even though it took a long afternoon, I'm so glad to finally get these tested.  Now I know what I will and will not use or buy!

Under my other Likes...

With all this thread out I needed a place to organize it. None of these really had a home in my big thread
boxes, so I was looking for a smaller one that was economical, clear, and plastic.  After some searching ('cause you know there are 100 thread boxes out there), I settled on the Dritz Thread Storage Box.  It's a good size  (17 prongs) for a small collection of thread and I liked the $5.47 Amazon price.  I think the only thing I don't like is that the top doesn't snap on and off with any kind of latch.  Besides I already had one here so now I have a match set!!

Okay, I'm sure that is more than you ever wanted to know about my WonderFil sample thread...

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Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

So interesting to read your results! I've used rayon thread in the past and had a lot of breakage, so it was good to hear that some of your rayon threads actually worked. I use Invisifil for super dense matchstick quilting, which fits with your experience.

piecefulwendy said...

Interesting results - I've never done something like that - I'm boring when it comes to using thread, so I enjoyed reading your review of each one! Thanks!

LA Paylor said...

now that was helpful. I haven't tried all the genre of their threads but the ones I have tried, I agree with your assessment totally. For nice metallic I like YLI the most.

Melva said...

Helpful info. I have the best luck with 100% cotton threads. Any poly blend causes nightmares and frustration for me.

Barbara Lockwood said...

Thank you for doing all that work and sharing it with us so we don't have to. :)

Jenny K. Lyon said...

I'm impressed with your patience to dutifully try each thread. I LOVE that rayon but have had trouble with it in my machine.

Nina Marie said...

Right - I want to just mention that these trials are just in my Janome Horizon. I personally think every machine is unique. There are so many variables ... needle, tension, how you personal free motion quilt...the list goes on!