Friday, July 15, 2022

Wonderfil Mystery Bundle on Off the Wall Friday

Spotlight, Aqua
Okay, I'll admit it.  I'm turning into a thread geek.  I wouldn't say a thread snob but definitely a thread geek! It came on gradually.  I mean in the beginning, we were all taught that you MUST use cotton thread on your quilts because your quilts were made of all cotton.  Through experimentation, I found you could use all sorts of threads while making quilts (the biggest surprise was hand quilting with rayon on my drag around quilt.  It washed and wore fine!)  The more I explored, the more I found exciting new threads to try and of course, collect!  

Tutti, Mountain

So that brings me to my first "Haul" blog post. I decided to take a leap of faith and buy the Wonderfil Mystery Bundle.  I've made several purchases from them in the recent past and they were always really generous with their free samples. The deal was you get at least $100 worth of stuff for $45 shipped free.  They promise to include threads perfect for quilting, piecing, and general sewing. Crossing my fingers, I ordered.

I got....drum roll...

DecoBob, Dusty Rose

 1 Spool of DecoBob, 2000m,  80 wt polyester,  Dusty Rose...I  love this thread.  I already have big spools of all the neutrals for bobbin winding and small spools of all the neutrals for appliqueing and English paper piecing. It has totally replaced cotton when I English paper piece.  It also has replaced my love of Bottom Line threads since it's just that much thinner and shows less. For that matter being thinner it's cheaper (Bottom Line $7.60/1000 m) So I imagine I can use dusty rose sometime.  ($5.30)

1 Spool of Ahora, 40 wt polyester, Cream...this apparently glows in the dark.  Oh, that's new!  You  recharge it under lights or in the sun. Honestly, this is the only thing that I wasn't quite sure what I'd use it for, how it would work, and if I really needed it.   I'll let ya know! ($6)

Thread Dispenser

2 Spools of Tutti,
1000m, 50 wt cotton, Shell & this is their main cotton quilting/piecing thread line.  The interesting thing is that with a little math calculation the price/meter it is MORE than aurifil. (1000 m of aurifil - $10.31 US, Tutti $11.34 ea)

2 Spools of Spotlight, 1000m, 40 wt Metallic Rayon, Red & Aqua...these are apparently a metallic thread but made of rayon so it should quilt and embroider without breakage.  I've NEVER gotten a metallic to work with my machine so this ought to be interesting.  It definitely has a nice "metallic" shimmer to it, even more than a regular rayon.  I love the colors since red and aqua are definitely colors I will use for this kind of work!  ($16.40 ea)

1 Box of a 6 mini spool collection of InvisiFil, 100 wt polyester...I've tried this before to hand applique and EPP and found it too fine.  Now with this nice little collection, I'll try it in my machine to machine applique and free motion.  ($26)

Mini Spool Collection of InvisiFil- Great Colors Right?

1 Ultimate Thread Dispenser...I never thought to buy one of these but after watching the video Here, it has me wondering if it really is more than the latest gadget!  I have some threads that I can NOT get to feed right into my machine so if it works on them it's totally worth it.  I'll let you know.  ($16)

Retail that comes to $108.78

Plus they included a cute 2022 mini calendar which will fill a small space in my work from office and stickers (come on - who doesn't love stickers - do  you think it's inbred in us as little girls to love stickers or what?)

All and all, I totally thought it was worth the  $45.  I had a ton of fun opening it up and exploring exactly what they sent me.  I think it would have made it easier if they had included some kind of literature on what was what in there.  I had to track it all down on their website which actually is really nice to us and full of helpful information.

Plus now I can try all the different types of threads and report back on how they worked in my Janome!  I never had a stitch or thread sampler and I don't think it's a bad idea to have one.  

Any comments and suggestions on what thread I should try next would be welcome!

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Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Nina Marie, I wonder if it's a natural progression from fabric to eventually thread? It took me a while to start looking at the various threads but not that I do a lot more hand stitching, I love them all :-) Enjoy!

Margaret said...

I became a Superior Thread gal after I learned about it on The Quilt Show years ago. I love the variegated King Tut colours for my landscapes, and MasterPiece and SoFine for piecing etc. I sometimes use Bottom Line in the bobbin -- but I don't do all that much FMQ. Still it's good to have when I need it. Though I have that brand I prefer, I'll use other brands (Aurifil, Wonderfil, Sulky, Gutterman, Mettler) if I need a particular colour and can't find it easily with Superior (it's not sold in my LQS). It's all about the colour most of the time!

That said, I've also been given a ton of cheap thread (part of my inheritance when a dear elderly friend died a couple of years ago) and I use it to keep it out of the landfill. It works well for comfort quilts etc.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Oh my, what a great haul!!! You will love the Invisifil for fine machine quilting--I like using it for extreme matchstick quilting!

Elsie Montgomery said...

My suggestion is GLIDE. It has a bit of a shine, never breaks, comes in many, many colors, and I love it for hand sewing on a binding because it never twists or acts ornery. A cone lasts forever! Good price too. Enjoying your blog... :-)

Celine said...

Love that spotlight aqua, reminds me of the seaside!