Friday, February 4, 2022

Baby Steps on Off the Wall Friday

 I really want to thank everyone for their kind and encouraging comments last week.  It was a clear reminder that we do NOT create in a vacuum.  Life is so much easier when you have people rooting for you!  

As I promised I did spend a Sunday afternoon sewing up the color exercise.  I finally decided that there was no right or wrong answer on how the columns were to be sewn together.  So chunky black columns it is!  It took longer than expected to square up the pieced columns since with that many seams those suckers tend to stretch and shift, but I got it done.  

I'm still playing with a couple of ideas for the framing, but I left that for tomorrow since I took the whole day off to sew.  Yes, now there is a unique idea....take off a day from work to create.  Who knows?!  It might help my general attitude.  

(Not to mention, it's not like I'm going anywhere.  The shores of Lake Erie are under blizzard conditions and it's crazy wintery out there!!)

Hey, I got News!!

The annual quilting conference, Quilting by the Lake announced that it will be running this year, July 18-29th.  The good news is that the lineup of teachers is as stellar as ever.  There is something for everyone on the list of classes.  Of course, there is the usual agenda of activities for after class as well.  Plus, conference fees have not been increased and remain at 2020 prices.

 The bad news (at least for me) is that Covid precautions will be as strict as ever.  All participants will be required to show proof of vaccination plus wear masks in every public space. For anybody who has been to a conference, a public space pretty much means every place that isn't your own bedroom.  Participants are requested to social distance as much as possible.  Oh and wash your hands.

Since I already found out that I don't do well with such restrictions, I am disheartened to say I will be sitting this one out.  It really makes me sad since this truly has been my favorite annual event for over 20 years now.  Honestly though,  with everyone masked and apart, I don't feel connected and that's why I go.  Don't get me wrong.   I totally understand why these measures are put into place.  That said, I feel like everyone has a right to make their own medical decisions (and keep them private) and assess their own risk factors in life.  

Once again...Covid sucking the joy out of life.  

Still, it can't stay winter forever right?!?!

So with that....

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Jenny K. Lyon said...

Glad you persevered! So sorry that you won't be going to QBL. I get it. BUt it's such a bummer. Covid lives on.

maggie fellow said...

denmark ,finland have declared the pandemic over- it won't be forever

Tami Von Zalez said...

I made a piece similar to yours but used a men's abstract pattern with thick black borders. It is one of my favorite pieces and now resides in my cubicle at work.

Barbara Lockwood said...

Love what you did with the columns and glad to see you finished that one!

DVArtist said...

This is lovely. Well done indeed.

Laceflower said...

Nina, I so enjoy your blog and your thoughtful posts. July is so far away who knows what restrictions will still be in place, as everyone is so ready to be over this that authorities everywhere are give up on mandated restrictions and letting the public take care of themselves.