Friday, December 10, 2021

More Value on Off the Wall Friday

 I would love to say that I've accomplished more this week, but  'Tis the Season and all that!!  All I can say is the house is nearly decorated so at least it's looking festive around here.

I did finally finish up my value studies with these last two.  I took the suggestion of my critique partner and tried some with the point of the ray going underneath of the circle.  Also, I wanted to try making the lightest parts of the curve on the outer edges which I definitely think adds depth.  I can see how the ideas have progressed as I tried different versions.  I think these last two are nearly where I need to be.

I also want to mention another handy trick.  Now, most people will take pictures of their work as they go.  Also, it's common to look at those pictures in greyscale to check out the values.  I went one step further and applied the introvert filter on PhotoShop Express. I've been trying out this photo editing app and find it easy to work with and has all that I need in an editor.  The introvert version of my trials, I found interesting.  Honestly, I think I'm going to have to really think about these last versions.  BUT it's definitely time to make a decision because they're all starting to run together!

I would start choosing the palette but I'm just too sleepy to do a good job.  At least it's Friday!  I'll have plenty of time this weekend to finally get my hands on some color and fabric!

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piecefulwendy said...

I've been enjoying seeing your quilt project come together and how you are working through the design. I'm learning so much!

DVArtist said...

Nice study on the values. I have been making Spirit dolls and rattles from dried Kelp I gathered a few years ago.

Barbara Lockwood said...

You almost have me convinced of the value of value studies (see what I did there?). Your sketches keep improving with each iteration. As I writer, one of my favorite fellow writers suggested when you get stuck to sit down and brainstorm 15 or 20 options to solve the problem and the later ones were always the most creative.