Friday, March 12, 2021

Masterclass Session III on Off the Wall Friday

 My masterclass with Rosalie Dace continued last week with us delving into the world of pattern and rhythm.  Listening to these lectures which are recorded so you can re-listen to them I find very helpful.  It's not that it's new material.  It's that #1 material that you just don't think of in your everyday of housework, errands and laundry and #2 Rosalie offers these "nuggets" of wisdom that help you focus on what is important.  This lecture really focused on pattern and rhythm in your everyday life.  I especially found this fascinating.  I do promise to explain what I mean in a later post but for now.....

I NEED TO FINISH MY EXERCISES ON COLOR AND VALUE from week #1.  Why is it that quick little projects seem to take on a life of their own?  But I promised myself I wouldn't rush through these and I'm not.  I'm all happy with this composition and where it's going. Reading Left to Right...  Column #1 is Black/White ... Column #2 Black/White and shades of neutrals ... Column #3 Black/White and the primary Red ... Column #4 Black/White/Primary Red and the Analogous color Orange . (Analogous color is the color that is your neighbor on the color wheel)

Some Observations (because that's why I'm doing this exercise)

  • Black/White it's all about a strong graphic statement.  It's all about contrast.  There is no wiggle mystery.  It's strong but flat
  • Adding the shades and tons of black starts to give it a little depth but I didn't add enough for it actually to matter a whole lot.
  • With the Red, a whole new person is invited to the party.  Now it's not just a conversation of two people but three with all that that entails.  You can tell  too.  It's going from this vary graphic statement to a composition with more nuance.  This is starting to draw you in more to see the little bits.  How the shades of Red interact with the shades of the neutrals is very interesting.
  • So when Orange joins - well now the party is in full swing.  Tessa took one look at it and said wow that got busy.  It did but it's not just the piecing.  It APPEARS more busy because now you have two neutrals and two hues and all their values playing around.  It's no longer this graphic statement but several little compositions interacting with each other.  Also now the neutrals are not just highlighting the red but it's also about the relationship between the orange and red.  
Since each of these are taking 2-4 hrs each they're going slow.  I do love piecing .  It's so relaxing!!  The

next  column is Black/White/Red and its compliment Green.  I'm also thinking about doing one that is black/White/Red and two analogous colors ... but hmmmm I dunno.  See what I mean ...A LIFE OF IT'S OWN!

 Things I Like...

Did I tell you I got a pair of Kai 7170 Professional scissors for Christmas.  Omgosh!!  I'm in love with them.  Not only are they the sharpest scissors, I've ever owned but the action on them is so amazing.  Every time I go to cut fabric, I'm reminded how wonderful they are.  Their handle is just right too.  Not to hard - not to soft.  I told my husband now I want another pair so I can stop reaching all over my studio for those specific scissors.  All my other scissors just sit on my table unused.  WORTH EVERY PENNY!  I just wish they had a pair that was a 5" range or so.  I use both sizes a lot in my studio.

So tomorrow I took a half day off to sew and maybe - just maybe - I'll finish up my value/color exercises so I can work on rhythm and pattern - grin!!  It's good to be back in my studio!

And just because I don't say it nearly enough.  Your thoughtful, comments mean a lot to me.  I'm always a bit shocked people actually read my posts more less comment!!  So THANK YOU!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun and interesting exercise! I’ll be eager to see the next ones.


Jenny K. Lyon said...

I have heard that Rosalie is one of the best teachers there is. I am jealous that you are taking her in this in-depth course. Your studies are fascinating, I'm surprised by the difference each assumption makes. That's a lot of work! Glad that you have made the time to do the exercises. I'll be following this with great interest!

mckittycat said...

Kai does have a 4” version of the scissor the 7100.

Norma Schlager said...

Your blog posts are always thoughtful and inspiring. I love what you did in your class and I am going to look up those scissors.