Friday, February 26, 2021

Preparing For Class on Off the Wall Friday

It's no secret that I have a tendency to use my creative vacations as fuel for the rest of the year.  I never thought of it as a crutch, but after this pandemic dry spell, I guess it has been.  Without them, I've been totally lost.  That's why when I got the email from Donna Lamb, Director of the Schweinfurth Art Center (and also Quilting by the Lake) announcing a master quilt class taught by Rosalie Dace, I said thankyouLordJesus.  I mean seriously, I could not spend another year piecing together cutesy little girl quilts no matter how much fun it was! So I signed right up.  That was 6 weeks ago and of course i  have not really not given it a second thought.

So now it's less than 36 hours away and it's time to get my act together.  Preparation is weird this year. I didn't have to spend a few hours packing up my studio (which over 20 years of taking these classes, I've become a wiz at).  No!  This year, I had to download Zoom.  Take a crash course on how to use it.  Play with my new web cam which I told my daughter I would give to her when I'm done with the class. Make sure the lighting for the camera was correct and get my studio ready for a new class.  

So in preparation for class or retreat you should....

  • Print off two copies of the supply list.  Check one off as you pack things and then pack the supply the list last.  The other copy goes with your general information you have about the class.  As you pack, make sure that your machine is cleaned, extra needles/manual are packed and plenty of extra bobbins are wound.  Make sure your scissors are sharp and include paper scissors.  Also tape has always been helpful  - masking and scotch!
  • Check the agenda of the class.  If you have any questions, don't be afraid to email your teacher.  Honestly, unless I've had the teacher before, I always email with questions on the class before and after I sign up.  The more you know about the class the better time you'll have.
  • Make sure you do any pre-class homework.  So many times, I've seen students show up with it not being done and not only does it hurt themselves, but it often hurts their fellow students since the class needs to be adjusted for them.  
  • Have a general goal what you expect to get out of the class before you start.  Do you want to learn a technique?  Do want to create a project?  Do you want to find a new focus.  I swear my general goal for this class is I want to find a  jumping off point for something new and exciting.
  • Set up expectations you want from the class.  As you progress through the class, if you feel that your expectations
    Rosalie Dace teaching from South Africa

     are not being met, I encourage you to talk to the teacher rather than just getting annoyed.  So many times, finding joy means finding the courage to communicate.  More than once I've seen  a fellow classmate not speak up and leave the class sour and disappointed.  Don't be that person!
  • Finally, come fully rested and comfortable.  Wear comfortable clothes, have you favorite tools around and keep bottle of pain reliever near by.  Many a day was saved by two little advils I swear.  Creating is tough stuff!
Ya know, I really gotta stop using this blog as my personal pep talk to myself!  Sighhhhh but lately, its like we could all use a little pep talk!  I promise next week to share my journey through the class!

So What Have You've Been Up to Creatively?

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Anonymous said...

It’s okay to use your blog for a pep talk! I hope you find the class full of inspiration!


Jenny K. Lyon said...

Have a blast you lucky girl!!

Lynda said...

You will have so much fun. I'm taking another class on zoom tomorrow. I am so excited to have someone in my studio with me even if it's via the computer. So enjoy. Can't wait to see what you create and learn. Meanwhile, I am going to venture out to Joann's next week. It will be the first time I've gone shopping or gotten out except for early morning grocery shopping, walking the neighborhood or garden, or doctor appts in over a year. I am so excited that I can not wait until then!

Janet said...

Lucky you taking a class with Rosalie Dace. That's something I want to do. I enjoyed your comments. I'm doing a mini retreat with two friends in April at a B & B.....

DVArtist said...

Have a great time.

Claire said...

I've got a friend currently taking a class from Rosalie and she's loving it. Enjoy.

Susan said...

Great tips for a memorable class.

Rebecca Grace said...

It sounds like you have workshop packing down to a SCIENCE! I hope you have a fantastic class!