Friday, August 23, 2019

It's not that Transparent on Off the Wall Friday

Okay, its official.  I have completely lost my mind!  I know that people told me it was going to happen but I thought....No Way!!!  Not me!!...Well, I was wrong.  Can you believe, that after all this time, I completely forgot to post Off the Wall Friday?!?  The kicker is that I didn't think of it till Saturday morning right about the time Margaret Blank messaged to check on me!  We had a  totally unexpected house guest and it through everything off.  Anyways...I apologize!!

 Tang Kwok-hin

Ever since I left Quilting by the Lake, I have been mulling around the idea of transparency.  It all started when I turned to Emily Richardson and asked her....okay.... I get how this is done and understand how you make your amazing pieces...but how can I use it to in my work?? ...... So its uniquely me??  She gave me a look like...Wow, Nina I have no idea...I taught you
enough this week now its your job to figure out how to use it.  She's so sweet though she didn't say that out loud though!!

Its such a big idea though and I've been wanting to play with it for so long, its hard to whittle down. that's where I'm still at....still....pathetic I know....its been a month!!!

 I looked up the definition.  Transparency is the condition of being transparent.  Well, that's no help.  So what is transparent?

So that brings up a lot of good words to brain storm - 
Light, transmit, passage,clearly, fine, sheer, free, understood, accessible...interesting.  Those are the kind of words that could be a starting point.

Cutting Wind, Andrew Southall

Plus....I could look and see how other artists used transparency in their work.  Once I started looking there were a ton of great ideas of how people have used it to get their point across.  Some famous, some not so famous.....some 2-D.....some walk through many ideas

Masood A. Khan

Most of it came down to this though.  Transparency is all about layers.  Some layers that the artist
wants seen some not so seen.  So ideas that are big but some ideas that are just a mysterious under layer.  That is  what I love about pieces that use transparency.  Its the mystery of it. Its soft, its fuzzy, its mysterious.  It makes me want to come up close and see if I can see more but even when you do you get more questions than answers.

I've been writing this out because this is how I brainstorm new ideas.  I use words, and images from the net to come up with new ideas.  I'm not nearly done with this yet.... but at least I have a start!!

Hopefully you are getting more done than just mulling ideas around!!!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sometimes life gets in the way of routine and we just need to go with it - neat art that you show love that transparency

Angela said...

Mulling is a very important part of creative practice. Don't rush it. It will come to you and it will be fabulous.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Absolutely loved this discussion on the use of transparency. We could include language and actions and so much more. It's made me think here today so thank you.

Jo said...

I love transparency effects in quilts and have receipts for yards of silk organza to prove it. I find playing with colored tissue paper a great way to figure out effects without breaking into my fabrics. May your newest passion give you joy.

Anonymous said...

You and I are 2 of a kind. Although I didn’t forget to post Creative Compulsions this week, I did set it up to post on the wrong day. �� As for my arty endeavors, I find that I have to mull a lot - and that is for undertakings far less complex than what you are doing. I think it’s just part of the process.