Friday, September 14, 2018

Finding Inspiration - Off the Wall Friday

Recently, a relatively new friend of mine was a bit surprised to find out I was an artist.

 She says, " I knew you sewed quilts, but really, you're an artist?"

Wellllll, yes

"I mean, you make up the designs you sew into quilts?"

Ummmmm, Yesssssss, but really, they're more art than quilts.....wellllllllll really they're both

"From scratch?"

Yeah, like any other artist

"But where do you get all those ideas from.  I could never do that!"

OMG, ideas are everywhere,  In fact the hard part most of the time is narrowing them down to one idea.

She didn't believe me. I could tell.  But really its true.  Ideas are everywhere if you just look around you.

Although most of my ideas come from my own photos - all these ideas were taken from Windows 10 Themes photos (An important note, however: these images are licensed by Microsoft for the personal non-commercial use of Windows users.)

All of these could be used as inspiration for both figurative works as well as abstract.  They also also could lead you to art quilts or more traditional quilts or even into the modern arena.  I mean - gosh - I could go on and on just by exploring the free themes of Windows 10 but I really do need to publish this post!!

At this point, if you're asking yourself - wow where did she find all those themes - its pretty easy.

Go to Windows 10 Free Themes

Browse the themes and pick one!!  Just Click on the theme - Click on "Get"

It will download, and then you click  "Launch"

The theme will appear.  Now you can change your themes through "Settings"

If you're looking for the individual pictures - that's a little more tricky

I used  %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Themes

in my Windows 10 search box and then clicked on themes - they all should be there

 So What have been up to Creatively?


For the love of geese said...

Great post and so true. I've gotten designs from wind charts and mosaic floors. The ancient mosaics are my favorite for quilt designs. It amazes me to think what we call quilt blocks today were used for construction of mosaic floors from the 1st century. While the ceiling is the main and best known attraction in the Sistine Chapel there is also art and beauty beneath your feet. Thank you for the linky party. Denise@fortheloveofgeese

Yanicka said...

I have too many ideas too little time personally. I must have 10 ideas brewing at different stages of design.

Darcy Quilts said...

I've been staring at the windows at church on Sunday (meets in a school cafeteria) and thinking they would make a wonderful quilt pattern!

Tami Von Zalez said...

Just found you through Quilt Skipper. I like to tell the Mr. that he lives with an award winning fiber artist! I found my way into the California State Fair without being a highly accomplished quilter - I entered in the "other Fiber Art category" for wall hangings earning a honorable mention for a raw edged applique using a 1960s abstract painting as my inspiration. We ARE artists! Painting with fabric ~