Friday, September 29, 2017

It's all about Scale - Off the Wall Friday

The Lacemaker,  Johannes Vermeer
I'm stumped.  All week,  I've been working on creating a design for the 10" by 10"= Art event for the Schweinfurth  Art Center.  And all week, I've come up with nothing.  Well, nothing that I would allow out of the house.  Or even on this blog!

One of the problems, I've decided, is that I've never worked that little before.  I mean, seriously, is 10" by 10" big enough to say what I want a piece to say?   For me with my pieces, bigger is better.  I like it big, bold, and bountiful!!

 But there is something to be said about working  small.  Di Vinci managed to create the Mona Lisa in 31" by 21", Vermeer painted The Lacemaker (9.5" by 8.3").  So ya think I could find something to say in a 10" square!

Really, what I am struggling with this week is scale.  Scale is  more than simply the object's size, however. It is the size of the art object in relation to another object.   Normally, that other object is a human being, the viewer.   A good use of scale can make or break a piece and it definitely go a long way into conveying what you want say.  Take for instance, the bath toy, a rubber duck.  Fun in the tub, a favorite of Ernie's  but not much as a statement piece.  Now make  it bigger, I mean way bigger!  Not only does it make a statement, but it becomes a regular pop icon!

The Rubber Duck at the Erie Tall Ships Festival

Another good use of scale is  Macro photography, the extreme close up's of very small subjects.  This type of photography, usually of living organisms, captures the beauty of the subject which might
normally have been hidden just due to the nature of its size.

Similarly, is the work of sculptor,  Ron Mueck.  He uses a hyperrealistic style to create his human bodies and their parts.  Nothing new right?  Well, Mueck does it on a huge scale which makes a huge statement albeit a bit creepy!

Mask 2, Ron Mueck

So what I'm challenged with this week is to come up with a design that is appropriate to a 10" square but still manages to say what I want it to say and maybe, just maybe use some of the lesson in scale.     I've given myself one week to do it (which ends Saturday).  I promise I'll share my progress!

So What You've Been Up to Creatively?


Jenny K. Lyon said...

I'll be very interested in your piece. I find squares to be difficult and a 10" square-yikes! I always have trouble doing a 12 x 12 for the SAQA auction.

ES said...

10x10 is going to be small!

Marianne said...

C'est une question d'habitude, je travaille souvent avec le format A4 pour essayer des projets et ça fonctionne, j'ai une galerie A4 sur mon blog. Je l'ai fait aussi pendant la classe de Elisabeth Barton sur une année. En Europe on travaille beaucoup plus sur des petits formats. Essayer vous verrez c'est addict!!:)))

Nina Marie said...

Jenny - yes, I did spend some time looking over the squares of the SAQA auction and I was interested to see that some were more successful than others. I gave me some solace that I wasn't the only one that had trouble in creating within in so small a border!

The Inside Stori said...

Really good food for thought!!