Friday, June 30, 2017

3 Things I'm into Right Now - Off the Wall Friday

June has been a struggle for me.   Maybe it was the 6+ inches of rain we got in 9 straight days, or the cooler than normal temps.  Or maybe its the minor health problems, I've been dealing with all month.
BUT whatever the reason, June has been a drag.  So I'm determined with the approach of July, I'm calling a "Do-Over" and I'm going to start enjoying summer.

With that, I wanted to share some of the things that  I'm into right now that make my creative life easier!

1.  Echo Dot  - Okay, yeah, its a gadget.  In fact, when I first heard about the little echo dot, I thought,  "I totally don't need one of those!"  I mean, seriously, I've manage to turn on the lights
myself for the last 50 years, I can do it for the next.  THEN I got one for Mother's Day.  And the lights really did come one.  I love it!!  For my studio, I love that I can turn on music, change music, ask for audible books without stopping what I'm doing. The speaker is surprisingly good and fine for a small area.   I also set up timers, so that I can give myself push to work longer.  It even will set up To-Do lists!

2.  Local Culture - Who would have thought that Erie, Pennsylvania would have such a plethora of cultural events to attend.  Not only is there the Erie Art Museum's Spring Show and The Sunset Music Series , but there are a good bunch of festivals - the Jazz Festival, The Beach Glass Festival, the Arts and Music Festival.  AND even when summer is done, Mercyhurst University Announced a killer Arts and Culture line up for the fall and spring.  The reason I bring this up, is that if you are looking for culture, for inspiration, for food for your creative spirit, you might only need to look on
your own doorstep.  So this summer, I'm definitely going to join in! (and I recommend you do to!)

3.  Quilting by the Lake.  Yep - its that time again.  Time to start prepping for my annual pilgrimage to Syracuse, New York for my favorite quilt conference.  In reality, I use QBL as an
excuse to do some of the yearly chores a fiber artist needs to do.  I order my notions for the years (seriously - where could all those pins go?)  I dye gradations of fabric as well as some Improv Red Solo cup fabric.  I do some much need surface design.  Its a lot of work.  And I can't wait.  In fact, I plan to spend the holiday weekend getting a bunch of this done!

So What are some of the things that you are into right now??


Christine Staver said...

I hope to join you next year at Quilting by the lake. It will be fun to finally meet you.

sonja said...

I love beach glass .it is getting rarer and some folks tumble new glass for the sea worn look we adore and i always wonder where it started, i mean did it fall overboard or have a message in it originally....

irene macwilliam said...

Material moments is directing one to an unattainable page but I found it by looking online with google.

the link above it should end

Nina Marie said...

I fixed the link on Material Moments - so it should be okay now!

Madalene Axford Murphy said...

My husband wanted to get an Echo dot and I said we definitely don't need that! But you have made me re-think. Sounds like maybe we need two because I think I could use one in the studio...
And I really should get back to QBL one of these days. I have many great memories of my times there.