Friday, April 14, 2017

FotoJet - A Review - Off the Wall Friday

Focus Function used
The Before
Recently, I was approached by FotoJet to give  a review of their photo editing site. Although the site can be used free,  they graciously gave me a year premium subscription to try out their editor and see what I think.  Since, after upgrading to Windows 10, I have not been able to find a photo editor to my liking, I agreed.  The photo editor that comes with Window 10 is totally useless to me (although I'm sure other's will disagree).

Now first a word about my editing.  I do have Photoshop Elements, but to tell you the truth, I don't find it user friendly enough.  What I was looking for was a good photo editor that you could easily crop a photo, adjust the exposure and coloring of it, and once and while add a special effect or two.  Photoshop Elements was not intuitive enough for my casual use and I was constantly reminding myself where everything was.

Photo Editing and Filters used
The Before
FotoJet is definitely intuitive and really you don't need a tutorial to use it.  It has all the normal cropping abilities as well as  slide scales to adjust exposure.  The color adjustment also works on a sliding scale.  I absolutely love the Sharpen and Dehaze adjustments too.  There are plenty of filters, too (even more with a premium membership).

A couple of weeks ago, I paid a visit to the Erie Art Museum, to see the latest exhibit.  As always, I had my little point and shot camera.  I took some pictures so I used them to play around with editor.

 So far, what I liked
  • Ease of Exposure and Color editing
  • Where the OPEN and SAVE buttons are
  • How easy it is to resize a picture
  • The gorgeous  overlays and filters
  • The many fonts in the TEXT mode
What I don't like
  • No space to save on the site - photos need to saved to your hard drive
  • You have to work on one project at a time from start to finish 
  • the Auto Enhancer wasn't really helpful ( but really are any of them?) 
Color Splash and focus functions used
The Before

This week I only have tested out the Photo Editing Feature.  It also has an extensive collage and design section which I want to play with.  Over the next few weeks, I was thinking of giving my blog
a nice spring makeover.  I hope the results are as good as this week's!!

So if you are looking for an online photo editor that is easy to use, I would recommend FotoJet.

So What Have Been Up to Creatively?


Jenny K. Lyon said...

Interesting. I can barely use PSE so this sounds like something I'd like to try. Thank you for the review!

Pam said...

Thanks you so much for the info on Fotojet. Time is filled with more important occupations than photo editing such as making or finding the things to photograph that an intuitive program would be most helpful.

Claire said...

When I first started using the photo app that came with Windows 10, I started shopping for something else. I agree that Photoshop Elements is too much and I really liked the old app that Windows used. I think they've tweaked the Windows 10 app since it works better than it did in the beginning. The lack of a manual is a big part of the problem but I've figured out how to make it work for me.

Linda A. Miller said...

I use PSE, having learned it in online workshops by the Pixel Ladies and find it very useful. However your review is intriguing. Can you do watermarks with it? Thanks for sharing.

Nina Marie said...

Hi Linda - yes you can do watermarks with it -

I'm glad everyone is liking the review and I'm relieved that I wasn't the only one that was having trouble finding just the right photo editor.

Kaja said...

This programme sounds interesting. I too struggle with PSE - can't quite give it the time to master things properly - so this may well be an answer for me.

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Nina Marie, that was a great post. I'm going to have to look into FotoJet. I like the pictures you took. Sounds like you had fun!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the review. I liked how you manipulated your pictures.