Friday, April 29, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy - Off the Wall Friday

That's my redheaded daughter behind the wig & mask
Well its been a busy week here at the Sayre house. First its play week were Tessa played Topsy in the King and I.  The kids at her prep school are so talented. They literally take your breathe away.  Also, I made the move to work from home. So that means I need to set up a home office.  And to top it all off, the last weeks of school are called banquet season.  Momma's work is never done!!

With that all going, I did manage to fit in some more time on my Monet's Door piece.  The week was mostly working out different problem areas.  First of all there were some major value problems.  Normally I do value sketches to avoid these kind of problems, but I thought I could just wing this time.  Ahhhhh, No!  Anyways, I'm
added some light to highlight what I want to be the focal point, the door.  Also, the steps value is off and not giving me the depth I need.  sighhhh

Plus I added an accent color to the palette  - red/orange.  I think that will add some zing!!

And of course flowers, and more flowers!

One more week before pictures are due for the blog hop, but with working home - no more commute means more studio time!  Not to mention, I'm always more productive when the deadline looms!

So what have you been up to creatively?


The Inside Stori said...

Oh are a busy gal......congrats. on being able to tele-commute!! Monet's Door is looking good, despite your 'value' issues.......which is always a problem for me too as I wing it 99% of the time!

Jenny K. Lyon said...

I didn't realize you had so much going on! Working from home sounds like a real bonus for you. I almost never do a value sketch even though Elizabeth tried to train us to do one so I am impressed that you naturally do that!

Christine Staver said...

Oh dear, Nina, you have a long way to go! So much going on plus you were sick for so long. If I lived a little closer I would come and help. I do live closer to you than before when I lived in NJ. Now I live in State College, PA. Do you still live in PA?