Friday, January 8, 2016

Quilt Kits! Really??? Off the Wall Friday

Did you get anything good for Christmas??  I did!!!  I asked my mother for a nice quilt kit to work on this year.  Quilt Kit???  Yeah - you read that right.  A Kit. . . . it comes with the directions and all the fabric and you make someone else design.

Now I know what you're  thinking . . . what all my friends here asked me - why a kit??  Don't you usually do your own work??? Well yes. . . . BUT. . .  I thought doing a kit would be a good idea.

Why Do A Quilt Kit


* It helps develop piecing skills you don't usually use
* It gives your creative mind a break but keeps you sewing
*It gives you a glimpse into another designer's work process
*It makes you work out of your comfort zone
*It gives you inspiration for your own work

Now, finding a quilt kit to fit all those requirements was easier said than done.  Actually, I've been looking for one for the last years but hadn't found one to fit the bill.  Finally, I did on Craftsy! I picked the Brilliant Beauties of Joy Quilt by Jacqueline de Jonge because not only is it gorgeous but it also used a lot of the sewing skills I wanted to perfect.  I know its old school thinking but I still believe that an artist should try to perfect construction techniques.  In this pattern, de Jonge uses paper piecing and curve piecing both of which I still could use some practice in.  Plus, I like how she uses the gradations of fabric to add movement to the design.  

All that said, I was excited to get started.  I opened the box . . .  O - M - G!!  The fabric is gorgeous but pattern is 32 pages long!  The description said that it was expert level and  they weren't kidding.  Still - that's what I wanted was a challenge so I guess that's what I got!  Just glad I have 25 years of quilting and an engineering degree to help me along!!

I'm not sure how fast I'm going to work on this project - I think just  do it when the mood strikes me but still I'm sure it will be fun!

So What have been up to creatively?


Judy Warner said...

I agree with you totally that doing a kit has its advantages. I will be absolutely fascinated to read your progress with that kit. It looks beautiful but sounds totally overwhelming!

Laura McGrath said...

I've made two Judy Niemeyer quilts with complicated paper-piecing patterns, but they didn't come with fabric. I think that choosing the right fabric is one of the hardest things to do with quilts like these and think it's great that everything was included. I'm very interested in your progress and hope you let us know how it's coming together.

Gwyned Trefethen said...

I've never made a quilt from a kit, but after reading your post I am sorely tempted. I do periodically make quilts from patterns, especially for my grandchildren. I'm with you. I agree - one needs to hone one's techniques and learn new ones to advance one's work. I tend to design myself into corners, thus having to come up with solutions. Great to stretch. Still, it is nice work on technique while letting someone solve the tricky parts.

Angela said...

It is going to be gorgeous!

Quilt Rat said...

Cool!!!! Having everything included assures that you will have beautiful second guessing colour choices, no having to "settle"for less than perfect fabric are all set.,..hope you thoroughly enjoy the process! We will be watching it develop...won't we?

The Idaho Beauty said...

Yeah - I find myself feeling guilty if I even consider using someone else's pattern rather than coming up with a design of my own, let alone work from a kit. I always envision having to make the disclaimer that it's not my original design when the oohs and aahs begin. It's a needless concern for many kinds of quilts yet the unease is there. And yet there are at least 2 valid reasons for doing so. Why reinvent the wheel if you run across something that is pretty much what you want. And there are times when we really need a break from design decision-making, and following someone else's pattern so we can just sit and sew fits the bill. I've seen this quilt in catalogs and have really admired it - I can see why you would choose it.

Amie said...

Great post!! I have been working on a quilt and not doing my art work and feeling so,we hat guilty! But you make all valid points about making a it a kit or not! This quilt is gorgeous....32 page pattern!!! Enjoy!

Nina Marie said...

You know I don't really have a problem with telling people that this is a patterned quilt - in fact for the longest time most my friends thought that my art work was patterned - LOL - guess I don't come off as artsy enough to come up with my own thing. Still one thing I don't like doing is buying other people's hand dyed shirts and wearing them. Then I'm constantly saying - No I did not dye this myself - LOL!

Unknown said...

I never thought of buying a kit, but you gave me something to think about. So there are good reasons. I have seen such a beautiful kits.