Friday, April 10, 2015

Just a Little Imagination - Off the Wall Friday

Creations by Nina-Marie SayreWith Spring, comes allergies and boy did I get hard with an attack this year.  Of course, it would hit when at work we're in the middle of spring rush and I'm working 6 days.  So all I did was sleep and work and work and sleep.  Not a lot of time to create but there was a lot of time think.

Its amazing what a little imagination can do. All week,  I've tried several ideas concerning my next lily piece out in my head.  Too bad they haven't invented a way to digitize a mental idea - well at least not yet.  The Imagination is a marvelous thing.  With a little bit of focus and practice you can create without lifting a finger.  What I took to doing this week was coming up with a clear composition in my mind and then just making a very rough sketch just to remind me of the idea.  Little by little I whittled out the dogs and had a second look at the keepers.  Finally today I settled on one.

My blog heading is a picture of one my favorite art quilts, Ecclesiastes 11:7 (aka the birdhouses) .   That was suppose to be a lily quilt but the birdhouses took over.  What if - yeah I know it was truly a What if moment - What if I did another version of the quilt where the lilies got a chance to shine?  While my work day was a blur of fashion flurry, I started working out a nice simple composition  that wouldn't drive me nuts.  Its funny how my mouth and fingers were doing one thing but my imagination was creating something totally different.

My first day off is Sunday - finally - so I'll start painting up the organza silk then and work out a proper sketch.  I can't wait!

So What have been up to creatively?


Jenny K. Lyon said...

Good read about your mental process-I don't even know how you can be creative working 6 days week! Digitizing our mental processes-I wish!

LA Paylor said...

yes do another lily quilt. It will be different because you have grown so much in the last year, no?? I can't wait to see what you'll make.

Allergies hit me broadside too. Sinus pain, ear and headaches. No energy. This after three winter colds this year. It will pass but not before oak pollen...