Friday, April 3, 2015

Abstracted Lilies - Off the Wall Friday

Here on Lake Erie, April means Spring.  I think.  We still have piles of snow scattered here and there and only a few brave crocuses have shown their heads, but yes its Spring.  With that, I start thinking lilies. A local gallery holds an annual  Lily Art Festival which features a great mixed media juried show.  I love entering since one of the few shows my husband and I enter together.  Plus its great to see how different artists interpret my favorite flower!

So I started my annual lily inspiration hunt. I have folders of flower photos (say that three times fast!) so I thought I'd share a few.  Feel free to steal.  grin.  Normally, I would choose one and let it inspire me into making a  representational piece.

But this year, I'm in an abstract mood  and want to play with silk so  I thought I would take it into a different direction.  But where to start??

lilies by Nina-Marie Sayre
The Original Photo
The Impressionistic effect

The easiest place is my Photoshop Elements program.  The program contains "Filters" that you can easily apply to your photos to create different desired effects.  And let me tell you, you can literally spend hours playing with the different effects. With the click of a mouse you can distort your photo into literally something that is barely recognizable. You are only limited by your patience on how much you want to play with it. 

Watered Window Effect

These are only a few of my favorites.  I doubt if I'd do a literal interpretation of any of these but they definitely give me some ideas on how to abstract out a lily.

Alien Glow
Don't even ask me how all of this is going to figure in with the composition, but a girl has to start somewhere right?!?

So What have you been up to creatively?


quiltedfabricart said...

And what fun playing with the photos! Here's a suggestion for those with an iPhone or pad there is an app called waterlogue that turns your phot into a watercolor painting before your eyes. It's really cool and makes you look at things alittle differently which is always a good thing :-)

Lisa Chin said...

I love playing with filters! Love the alien one. I second the Waterlogue app suggestion. It is so beautiful. I look forward to seeing what you create with your photo!!!

sonja said...

I Love the Lily's and variations you made in computer program. That is fun! i use simple picasa where i am tweaking a hen and her chicks just now .I painted Stargazers for a ring pillow once and quilted them. love to put the dots on them! i also helped the mother of the groom when they wanted to make flowers to put upon the cake.this time painting, with food coloring the fondant flowers!Tthen there are the waterlily's!!!

Maggi said...

Oh the hours that you can spend on those filters, especially when you start to layer them as well! The permutations are endless. I do love your lily photos and only wish that I could still grow them but alas, fatal to cats!

Gwyned Trefethen said...

PE filters are so addictive. Your examples show why.