Friday, January 2, 2015

Scrap Re-Cap - Off the Wall Friday

I love New Year's.  It means  a new day  - a new start - the beginning.  In that light, I tend to clean up, throw out and organize.  A good place to start with was Wrapping Central, aka my studio.  It took me a couple of days, but  it is now back to normal.  With the clean up, I finally got time to get my scraps under control.

How do you organize your scraps??

As you can imagine, after 20 years of quilting, a girl can accumulate a lot of odds and ends, bits and pieces.  Originally, I stored them all away in gallon size zip lock baggies - sorted by color.  But, they would get all scrunched together - plus they were hard to sort through.  So for the last year, I've been trying to come up with a new system.

Finally with the help of pinterest (the motherload of good ideas!), I did.  I asked my husband to make me a set of these custom size shelves to hold baskets just for my scraps.  But his to-do list is long and I've been waiting months!!

So in the mean time, I bought this organizer from work.  Finally, a way to get my scraps under control. It might not be super big but its moble and colorful.

 As I sorted through them, I could see the love affair I had this past year with the color brown.  I had so many brown scraps that they didn't even fit into a drawer and still had to be relegated to the ziplocks. I used gray and red the least - or at least they had the fewest scraps.  Maybe that's telling me something.

The rest  filled the drawers fully but neatly. They're all still a little scrunch but a lot easier to get to than the bags. So as a short term solution these will do nicely.

I'm still working on my design for my next project.  Something about the original sketches, "I'm not feelin'  " (as a friend from work says).   I promised myself a final sketch by next week, so we'll see!!

So What have you been up to creatively?


quiltedfabricart said...

Our beloved scraps do seem to multiply don't they? You have inspired me to try to organize mine. I do have a couple of shelves that could be cleared off in my sewing room. I do like that bin thing from Pinterest. Hmmmmmm

Susan said...

I use ziplock bags by color for my scraps. Thanks for all the inspiration and sharing on your blog-- you're my first stop every Friday morning!

Laney said...

I keep my scraps in drawers with dividers and separate them by color. I just separated them recently after I read Sunday Morning Quilts. The authors recommend sorting by color and size and it has already made a difference in my realizing how much I can do with the scraps. I just recently found your blog and this link up. Thanks for hosting it!

Lynda said...

I've yet to organize my scraps. I look forward to seeing what colors I used this past year. Love your little colorful cabinet. I've seen those before but never thought about putting scraps in it! Happy New Year!

Teri Berry said...

You have reminded me that I really need to sort out my stash, I spent 30 minutes looking for a bag of wool this morning only to give up, use something else and then find the bag this afternoon while looking for something else! My scrap pile is nowhere near as big as yours. I try to resist the urge to save anything that is too small to fold and stack in a drawer but I do have a few zip lock bags (arranged by colour) of small pieces of unusual fabrics. Those plastic drawers on wheels that you are currently using are fab (I have a couple but need more!).

Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

I've been keeping my scraps in large zip lock baggies, sorted by color. But I find I'm not adding new scraps to the correct baggies,. I now have several non-sorted baggies of various colors. i believe I need a system that is easy to add scraps to. Definitely clear containers, but I think open bins would work better for me than drawers. I'm still looking for the perfect size bin!