Friday, December 26, 2014

Word of the Year - Consummate - Off The Wall Friday

Yes, my word of the year is Consummate.  Now, wait, I know what you're thinking.  Why does a woman who has been married 20 years chose the word "Consummate" as the creative word of the year?  What kind of creating is she planning for 2015?

All teasing aside, consummate means "to complete with perfection".  I've noticed with my work that I have a tendency to jump from idea to idea.  But what artist doesn't?  Still the really good artists tend to study and complete the full scope of an idea before jumping to the next.  Which makes sense.  How are you going to get good at anything without working completely through an idea?

Another failing I've noticed with my work, is that once I see the idea coming to light, its hard for me to finish it completely.  I tend to get bored with the end work.  My mind is already off to bigger and better things.  I need to take my time at the end, finishing up the little details.

In the world of hard hats and hammers, they call this a "Punch List".  At the end of every construction job, a punch list is made of all the little details that need to be done so that project can be called perfect for the new owner.  Of course, the contractor doesn't get paid until the Punch List is complete.

So this year, no more flitting from one idea or another, whirling back and forth, not truly finishing anything to perfection.  I'm going to create my own personal "Punch List" by critiquing each project, making the corrections before letting it go.  With so many ideas left  unfinished from 2014's Master Class, this is the year for true completeness.  I want to see what I learned come to fulfillment, to see the visual proof of what I learned.

Hmmmm, seems like  in 2015, I have my work cut out for me!

So what have you been up to creatively?


Unknown said...

Happy New Year Hope you are not too much busy with consumating and your lists in 2015, but enjoy your stitching!!!!
Love from Amsterdam

Jenny K. Lyon said...

I enjoy reading about your creative process. I find it difficult to decide sometimes whether the current project is just a dud or if I need to keep working on it. My Dec project for Elizabeth's class is not something I actually like. I know it needs something more but I am going to just put the facing on and call it done, then move on. I still learned a lot from it and it was a very worthy project, but I simply do not like it. I look forward to your adventures in 2015. So glad that I "met" you in Elizabeth's class!

Anonymous said...

I too enjoy thinking with you--whether I agree or not.

I don't see myself giving up flitting from project to project, not do I want to stop the flow of ideas. I need some kind of balance, a way to note a new idea so it doesn't get lost, but also so it doesn't take over. I need to finish some things in the way you have described. Not all.

I need to figure out how I want to spend my remaining quilting years (somewhat limited at age 76) since I love it all.

Anonymous said...

Your thinking/creating process sounds much like mine. :) As a quilt maker, that is an issue since working to completion is a pretty lengthy process. In my other fiber works and my paper arts, time is less of an issue than focus.

I like the idea of a punch list - gonna see if I can incorporate that in my process somehow. :)


The Idaho Beauty said...

It's gonna take some discipline that's for sure! Good luck.

quiltedfabricart said...

I hear you sister! I do the same thing - good luck with that and I will be watching hoping for you to inspire me to learn to consummate in my own life .

Margaret said...

Happy New Year, Nina Marie! I too am on that page...and about to walk into EB's Master Class in January with that same longing -- to learn to stick with an idea/concept long enough to explore it deeply...and complete the resulting pieces! Thanks for your ongoing inspiration!

Julie Bagamary said...

I have been working on completing well this year and it has been a good process for me.

Nina Marie said...

(As always answering here since some commenters are set to no reply) - I definitely think its a good point you all bring up that some projects just need to be scrapped because they aren't working out. I have been known to do that (although loath it!) I also agree with Linda - so many times I marvel at the hours of finishing a project up! No wonder I get bored with it!

annette said...

With ya!