Monday, September 15, 2014

Watercolor Wonder - Design Wall Monday

This weekend I went back digging into my quilt closet - you know the one  otherwise known as. . . The Home for Leftovers and found the fusible grid Pellon.  Don't you love clever people who come up with clever things?  Once the watercolor craze hit in the 90's, the people at Pellon came up with the idea that you could use a light fusible to help sew all the pieces together.  The way it works is that you just put the squares onto the gridded interfacing.  Iron them on.  Turn over the interfacing folding at the lines and sew the 1/4" seam.  Cool, huh?!  

You really didn't think I was going to sew all those 2" squares together did you?  That falls under the catagory. . . "I'm getting too old for this Sh. . . ".  Still there is something relaxing about this project.  I love the rhythm of traditional quilting.  Just spending a couple of hours replacing the squares onto the pellon was quiet easy work.  Sorta like Jigsaws for Dummies.  Once again, my idea of ditching my traditional ironing board and using an ironing "table board" comes in handy!  So much easier doing it on a table!

Anyways, I'll spend this week getting it all sewn together.  For once I'll have my assignment in Elizabeth Barton's masterclass done early.  Notice I'm totally ignoring the suggestion that I take this a step farther and use the technique to come up with a new design encompassing praise ladies.  I mean that teacher of mine - give her an inch and she'll push you a mile!

hmmmm that is what I love about her!

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Ramona said...

Oh I used the pellon grid interfacing a lot! Your watercolor quilt is so nice. Love the design.

Rike Busch said...

What a great and amazing collection (sorry, don't know a better English word)! :) this quilt will look wonderful.
Greetings, Rike

The Inside Stori said...

Actually.....I love your design just as it is.....haven't thought about Colorwash in years. I was fortunate to teach on quilting cruise in the early 1990's and roomed with THE ORIGINAL colorwash creator - Diedre Amstead, (UK). She moved out of quilting and into dollmaking.

Susan said...

That looks like so much fun.... And at the end you will have a lovely quilt.

Ruth said...

Wow! How long did it take you just to find all that fabric?

Churn Dash said...

Now I'm wondering if there is a 2 1/2" grid. I love the way your quilt looks. What a fabulous collection of florals.

I've made quite a few 9 patches and 16 patches this year and have been put off trying to do a postage stamp quilt. I think I'll have to look out for this product.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love your colorwash and I'm the odd ball, I do enjoy sewing all of the squares together and don't like the bulk of the extra layer of interfacing at the seam intersections. I'm working on 2 myself but wasn't going to show them until I get more done on them.

Rhonda said...

Great project! I think I still have some of that grid stuff......hummmmm, you've given me an idea.

Kat said...

I love your design, it looks so striking!