Friday, September 5, 2014

Busy! Busy ! Busy! Off the Wall Friday

Since my machine is in the shop getting its yearly check-up, you're probably wondering what  an art quilter can  do creatively this week?  Well, apparently  A-Lot!

I decided to take advantage of the break from the hours I've been spending at my machine, to get in some end-of-the season dyeing. I have this pile of white shirts I've been buying on the cheap just waiting for the hot weather to dye.  Now that its September, 90 degree temps are finally here. . .of course!

 Today, I experimented with Red Solo Cup dyeing. . .the shirt version.  They came out a bit muddle - I think it was the extra squishing I did !  I still want to do a bit more with them - but I haven't quite figured out what!  Tomorrow, with an extra day off this week, I'm going to continue with my experiment with thickened dyes.  I've never done it on my own so this should be interesting!

Of course, the fun didn't stop there.  I took time today to go visit my friend Sandy in her air conditioned studio.  She gave me a peak at her Quilt National entry which is fabulous!  (Pretty And Conceptual - which we decided was a good idea for art!). We also finalized plans for the upcoming Open Studio event next month.  Can't Wait!!

 While we chatted I finished up sketches for this month's assignment - Hard and Soft.  This concept isn't new to me.  In fact, its where I started my  art quilt journey.  I love playing with value and Hard/Soft is all about that.  Because of that, I have a clear vision of where this month is going to take me since it will be revisiting the technique that started this obsession.

Can you tell I'm feeling better?  Good Health is such a blessing!

So what have you been up to creatively?


Jenny K. Lyon said...

Thank you for your post-I was having a hard time with this assignment until I saw your sketches and I got it! This is a new and difficult exercise for me. I love those sketches-the third one is the most intriguing to me.

Christine Staver said...

I like your 3rd sketch. So I wonder where Nina-Marie will take it? How big will she make it and what colors will she use?