Friday, August 9, 2013

Stuff For Arrowmont - Off the Wall Friday

I had a George Carlin Flashback packin' my stuff for Arrowmont today.

Sometimes you leave your house to go on vacation. And you gotta take some of your stuff with you.
Gotta take about two big suitcases full of stuff, when you go on vacation. You gotta take a smaller version of your house. It's the second version of your stuff. And you're gonna fly all the way to Honolulu.. .You get down to the hotel room in Honolulu and you open up your suitcase and you put away all your stuff. "Here's a place here, put a little bit of stuff there, put some stuff here, put some stuff--you put your stuff there, I'll put some stuff--here's another place for stuff, look at this, I'll put some stuff here..." And even though you're far away from home, you start to get used to it, you start to feel okay, because after all, you do have some of your stuff with you. 

I guess that's how I am when I leave for class every year.  I mean packing my stuff usually takes me a week and I still manage to forget something.  Elizabeth tried to keep the supply list brief - but I still needed more stuff - 'cause  like George it gives me a sense of home.  When I'm comfortable, I can create better.

At least that's how I justify this mountain of sewing supplies I'm taking for my 5 day class.

I don't want to have to admit - that like Linus - I need my stuff as my security blanket.

Ohh and yes I did manage to work a bit on the fall piece and work out the stem problem. But that will just have to wait till I get home - when I can unpack all my stuff.

So what have you been up to creatively??


Cathy said...

Hi Nina,
My husband saw my suitcase on the floor of our bedroom already mostly packed with my clothes for the same class you are taking and said "already packed"?. I said yes, I am so excited. Got to get my inspirational stuff tomorrow and the rest of the bits and pieces.
How are you traveling to Elizabeth's class?
Cathy Bertanzetti
Birmingham , AL

Nina Marie said...

Hi Cathy- I'm making the 10 hr drive! I'm
excited too even though it is nice to know the teacher. This is my 1st trip there. I told E. that I'll have enough stuff incase anybody whose flying needs something. Look on my pinterest boards for quick inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Have fun!

quiltedfabricart said...

Ill be looking forward to a report on the class and trip - so fun! What class are you taking?

George carlin had it so right - love him, may he RIP and I hope he has all his stuff with him wherever he may be ;-)

I always way overpack, make lists and agonize over what to bring, will I forget something. Ridiculous but I can't help it.

Sylvia said...

Lucky you! Going on a quilting retreat! I can't wait to see your photographs from the trip. Have a blast!

Regina B Dunn said...

Arrowmont is on my list of places to go. I hope I get to take a class there someday. Have a wonderful time!

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

I do the same exact thing when I plan a trip. I have so much "stuff" that I never actually use it all! But it's comforting to know that I have it if I need it! ;-)

Norma Schlager said...

Have fun! The best way to go to these retreats is by car. That way you can take as much "stuff" as you want. You should have seen my car ast year when tow of us drove to Auburn, NY to take Jan, Meyrs-Newbury's class. Not just fabric, but CVC pipes, buckets, and lots else. But it was worth it.

Sherri said...

We're big Carlen fans here too. Such a wit! I just wanted to say thank you for doing your Off the Wall Fridays. For some reason, I've participated for a few weeks in a row now! I am doing my best to visit the other links too. It is so much fun and very inspirational!

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh my you are ready to go! Good for you - have a great time! Your quilt is coming along so well, I'm so impressed how much you've gotten done. Quilting business has been good to me lately - so not much work on my own projects. :) I did sneak in a little time to mark a small whole cloth though - maybe I can share that one next week. :)

Cathy said...

When are you leaving Nina? A good friend of mine, Mary Keasler, is also taking the class. Mary and I met at a Camp McDowell Folk Art School in a Gee's Bend Quilting class.She and I then met again at Shakerag for a Nancy Crow class. Mary is an amazing Art Quilter. Her blog is fiber
Be safe.
Cathy Bertanzetti

Cathy said... Darn spell check!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Ohhhh! Have a ton of fun and loads of creativity!!!!!!

Lisa Chin said...

I know exactly what you mean! Have fun!

janice pd said...

Great place to go. The food is scrumptious so don't think you will be denied anything...if you get a chance [and you imbide a bit] check out the margaritas along the river on the open deck! Take a camera for lots of pix, and if you forget anything there is a shop for supplies. I hope some of this rain lets up before you drive.

All the Bernina's were not working when I was there a couple years ago and I had my trusty vintage Singer with me. Thank if you aren't taking a travel machine you might think about it. Lucky's hubby Jimmy worked on the machines and finally got most of them working before the class was over.

Most importantly, have fun and learn lots!