Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fiberarts International by Guest Sandy Shelenberger

Thank you, Nina for inviting me to be a guest blogger! 

 I would like to tell you  about Fiberart International 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA since many of you are quilters and fiber enthusiasts.  Fiberart International is held at two venues, the Society for Contemporary Craft and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.  The exhibit is on display in Pittsburgh
until August 18, 2013.   Then the exhibit will travel to San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles in California and the Art Museum of Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Fiberarts International is a juried textile art exhibit that is held every three years presenting work that is cutting edge using fiber or fiber-related techniques.  I was thrilled to have two pieces chosen for this exhibit!  There were over 1,200 entries from 36 countries of which 81 works were selected by 64 artists.

I am primarily a quilter but have been working with encaustic (wax) techniques since 2009.  I wanted to create work that pushed the envelope using unusual materials.
I had hand-stitched a block that I thought would make a great repeat pattern.  I made photo images of the hand-stitching and played with gray-scale and the arrangement of the blocks I used wax to attach the images onto 12 blocks 8”x8”x1.5” that were then assembled in quilt-like fashion.  I did find out that wood is less forgiving than fabric!! Nina is mystified that I was accepted into a fiber exhibit with a piece that is not a textile!! (I would not say mystified - just amused that after years of trying to get into this show - Sandy finally gets into a fiber show with a wax piece - grin - NM)

There is an exciting mix of techniques in the artwork selected for the show including felting, embroidery, encaustic,  needlework, paper techniques, quilting, weaving, printing, knitting, re-purposed crocheted  items, and even a pair of slippers made in glass!   It is an honor to have my work included in this exhibit!  Over 50 of the 64 artists were first-time exhibiters so it is exciting to see new faces and names.

Best in Show - Naoe Okamoto - A Laughing Horse
We were treated like royalty at the opening reception festivities in April.  There was a Champagne and Art Collectors preview party before the opening.  Artists were in attendance from Japan, Sweden, France, U.K., Canada and across the United States.  JoyceScott, juror for Fiberarts International, was the keynote speaker for the Artist’s Forum.  If you ever have an opportunity to hear her speak---you must go!!  She is irreverent and funny and thought-provoking.  One of the things she challenged us to do was to submit to our art. Words to think about!! 

 As a bonus, I met the actor, Richard Thomas (aka John Boy Walton) and his wife who were in attendance at the exhibit!  What a thrilling weekend!!


Anonymous said...

hard to tell what Laughing Horse is made of? Can you elaborate, the picture doesn't look like much.

Nina Marie said...

Hi Susan - sure - its Wool, hemp, silk - made with felting and knitting - and its huge! 75" by 95" - (that's queen size quilt huge LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Great work!

Creative Radiance said...

Loved Bernard Hoyes work. Are you familiar with Lois Mailou Jones. Her work is wonderful. Bernard's work reminds me of hers. I saw her work while in NYC last month, first time up close and personal other than on a note card.