Friday, May 10, 2013

Back in the Studio - Off the Wall Friday

Am I the only one that gets jazzed to be back into the studio after a little break from creating?  When I left the lilies two weeks ago I was  totally tired of the piece.  It was dull, boring and just a bit annoying.  Now after my short hiatus, I saw all sorts of possibilities in it.

You really do need to excuse the photo.  Not only is this piece normally impossible to photograph, but this week the afternoon sun was shining in on my design board.  Great for sewing - not so great for getting the colors right in a photo.  But the sunshine did feel good!

As you can see its coming along quite nicely - welllll - almost nicely.  Looking at it now - I really have  to do something with that third lily.  I mean, there is no way I can leave it smack dab in the center of this quilt.  Sighhhhhh.  I do have some ideas though, but it just got too late to try them.  That's the nice thing about making these free standing appliques - you can move them around and try new compositions as much as you want.

Oh and you know what?

 I got to try out a new gadget this week.   With Mother's Day, approaching I finally took the plunge and bought a SewSlip.  Now for a long while I've been thinking about getting a Queen Supreme Slider but its royal price tag put me off.   I mean could it really be worth $50+??  With a little research I found the SewSlip and I thought for the $30 investment I would give it a try.  It arrived within a week and was easy to install.  It fits perfectly on my sewing table and I didn't have to trim it.

At first I didn't think it made that much difference.  That is until I took it off and try to threadpaint again.  OMG - you could notice the difference big time.  So it was definitely worth the 30 bucks.  I got the one with a bigger hole just in case I want to do some fancy stitches with it on.  The only thing I didn't like about it, is that you have to take it off to change the bobbin since my machine has a drop in bobbin case.  I can't wait to try it out with some bigger free-motion quilting.

So, What have you been up to creatively??


Anonymous said...

Perhaps one overlapping it slightly, to give depth?

Gurli said...

Interesting to follow your lily piece. And thanks for the SewSlip tip.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I have the supreme Slider, I don't think I paid $50 for it though. You know, I haven't used it, I may just need toget it out and play.

The lilies are coming along. I like that you can play with compositions still.


landscapelady said...

Your Lilly's are coming along nicely. I have the supreme slider and although it does work well, the trade off with the bobbin winding is just to much so I tend not to use it. I am lazy that way.

landscapelady said...

Do use machingers? Now that is morning I can't live without for FMQ. I never liked wearing gloves before but these are worth a try.

Unknown said...

I am so totally going to have to check that Sewslip out!

Marsha said...

I have a Janome with drop in bobbin and I cut mine so I could put part of it on either side of the bobbin to make it easier to see and change, still works great

Nina Marie said...

All great suggestions concerning the sewslip bobbin situation! Really its not that big a pain for me since I tend to use a grey neutral in the bobbin and only change it when its empty. So its not like I'm doing it super frequently! I would have responded personally to the comments but some of you are set to "no reply" so I couldn't.