Friday, April 12, 2013

Taking a Breath - Off the Wall Friday

Has the last month been a whirlwind or what???  I feel like I've been  on a deadline for everything lately.  Originally, I was going to try to start my new piece today in time for this post, but then I thought it  wasn't a bad idea to take a breath.

I did finish the top of my color wheel.  Of course the center poofs a little - I'm hoping once I get it quilted and blocked that will be taken care of.  I do like doing a traditional piece now and again to prove to myself that, yes I still can match a point or two.  Oh and when they don't quite match up that's okay too.  I'll get this layered and quilted soon.  I have some good ideas for the quilt line on there.  Don't want to let all that nice Kona Black to go to waste!

So, I thought it was a good time to review/revise my
 "To-Do" List:
  1. Sacred Threads entry - due by March 9
  2. Erie Museum Spring Show entry - due end of March 
  3. Campbell's Pottery Lily Festival Art Show entry - end of June
  4. Quilts = Art = Quilts entry - mid August
  5. Quilt Crosses II and complete Crosses IV
  6.  My Studio Move  
So I'm not doing too bad!  Now that the sun is finally shining here on Lake Erie, I feel more creative anyways!  With that said, I'm onto my next project.  For that I'm going to use one my new favorite art quilt books, Thread Magic Garden by Ellen Anne Eddy.  Now not only is Ellen a fabulous quilter, she's written a really comprehensive book on thread painting.  
Thread painting always looks like one big mystery to me.  I mean how do they get plain fabric to look so great using just thread?  Well - Ellen show's you how!  The instructions are clear - the pictures are great - she really equips you to make your own thread painted garden.  I've read the book through twice, looked at tons of lily pictures and I'm anxious to get started.  
There's one catch though.  Once I pulled out my notebook and sketch set Welllll all that white paper just looked back at me.  Normally, I have an idea in my head - I sketch it out and then translate it to fabric.  hmmmmm - no idea in my head - wait let me check again - Nope - None.  

sighhhhh - so gonna try somethin' new.

I'm going to pick a background - build a flower the Ellen Anne Eddy way - THEN build a composition around that.  So this aught to be different.  AND you got a front row seat to all the excitement! (grin)

Ohhh yeah - did you see my studio reveal on Wednesday??  Cool huh?!  Are you going to show me yours since I showed you mine???

So what have you been up to creatively??


Anonymous said...

Nina, Your colour wheel looks great:) Hope the sun stays with you, we are still struggling to see the sun much in London, hopefully sometime soon. Have a good weekend.

Martha C. Hall said...

You're making good headway on your "To Do" list. I seem to be missing deadlines this year! Not sure why that is happening, but I keep on working anyway!

Heather Pregger said...

The color wheel is wonderful! Can't wait to see it quilted.

I grew up near Lake Erie (on the East side of Cleveland) so I know about the long gray winter. I don't miss it at all -- although I will be jealous in August when it is blazing hot in Texas.

sonja said...

Your color wheel reminds me of an umbrella, perhaps a sun umbrella!
congrats on To Do list, when written down is impressive from here!

Sylvia said...

Love the color wheel! I am looking forward to seeing your quilting in the black background.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I have to apologize. I tried posting from my iPad while I was waiting for Judy to hang the show this morning. And I got it all befuddled.

if you want to take them down and ditch them, I understand!


janice pd said...

Love the book you're using. Her work is outstanding.

Sherrie Spangler said...

I LOVE your color wheel!

Karen S Musgrave said...

Congrats on your to do list! Can't wait to see how your next project progresses since it is how I work. Embrace the adventure!

Maria Shell said...

The color wheel is great!